Guidelines, legislation & UNSW policies for human research

Audio/visual recording


Education and training

Foetal tissue

Guardianship Tribunal

  • NSW Guardianship Tribunal, for more information visit this page of the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal, Guardianship Division

Human tissue

Indigenous studies



  • Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. Code of Practice of the Exposure of Humans to Ionizing Radiation for Research Purposes. (RPS No.8) Download PDF.


  • National Health and Medical Research Council Statement on Animal-to-Human Transplantation (Xenotransplantation) Research. 10 March 2005. Download PDF.

Includes: Attachments 1

NHMRC. Xenotransplantation Working Party. Animal-To-Human Transplantation: Final report and advice to the National Health and Medical Research Council. September 2004.

Attachment 2

Draft, unendorsed Guidelines for Clinical Animal-to-Human Transplantation Research. September 2004.