Engaging with industry and the end-users of research – the people, communities and businesses who will benefit from your work – is an important part of your research experience. 

As a UNSW HDR candidate, you’ll have access to a range of industry programs to strengthen your industry connections, build your professional skills, and fast track your career including Industry PhD programs, Industry Internships, and Industry Mentoring.


Why engage with industry? 

Industry engagement provides an unparalleled opportunity to apply your skills to real-world problems, enrich your candidature with professional development and workforce preparation and build professional networks that can broaden your career prospects.  


Industry Engaged Research Degrees at UNSW

Fast track your future career with an industry engaged research degree.

This will provide you with an opportunity to work closely with an Industry partner on an in-depth real-world problem and gain insights into careers outside academia.

You will be guided by both the Industry partner and UNSW academics, who will jointly supervise your project and provide you with expert guidance and support to expand your research skills at the intersection of academia and industry.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at industryhdr@unsw.edu.au.


UNSW Industry Internships 

Gain industry experience and build your professional network though a 3 month UNSW Industry Internship. 

Our internships are a unique opportunity to work on complex real-world problems, prepare for the workforce, enhance your skills and increase your employability. 

Keen to learn more? Contact us at industryhdr@unsw.edu.au