UNSW + CSIRO Industry PhD Scholarship

A program for higher degree research candidates who will become the next leaders and innovators bridging the gap between research and industry.

UNSW is not currently recruiting candidates for this program. 

  • The UNSW-CSIRO Industry PhD Edge – Zainab Mustafa

  • Watch: Zainab Mustafa, Industry PhD Candidate, on the benefits of the UNSW-CSIRO Industry PhD Program

  • Making a difference through the UNSW-CSIRO Industry PhD – Timothy Zurrer

  • Watch: Timothy Zurrer, Industry PhD Candidate, and his supervisors: Associate Professor Jason Scott (UNSW), Tony Crimmins (Ecomagnesium), and Dr Zhaojun Han (CSIRO)

The Program

CSIRO and UNSW are working with leading industry partners to develop the next generation of researchers with the skills to work at the interface of research and industry.

  • A four year program, including a minimum six month industry internship

  • $40K per annum scholarship

  • An elite industry-focused research program

  • Three-way support system by UNSW, CSIRO and an Industry Partner

  • Candidates are matched with an Industry Partner

  • Career and professional development

Industry Experience and your career

The Industry PhD Program is set to create a new and unique opportunity to give you the best kick-start to your career.

Connections & Training

Cultivate the skills to deliver world-class research, build the connections, and access the training and development opportunities to achieve the greatest impact for your career.

Your Partners

Successful PhD candidates will be matched with an industry mentor and two research supervisors based on nominated research areas. Industry partners will be your mentors and time in their businesses will provide practical experience..

Market Edge

Learn how decisions are made, how you can make a real difference with your research and how to give yourself a market edge in a six-month industry placement.

Who we are looking for

This program is designed to create industry-savvy professionals who will deliver world-class research that makes an impact on industry, the economy and the broader society. We’re looking for candidates who can demonstrate leadership and innovative thinking along with academic excellence.