International Partnerships

Division of Research

UNSW collaborates with the best universities and partners with the world’s leading funding agencies and corporations.

  • Our international research partners are extensive and diverse and include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, European Commission, US National Institutes of Health, US Army, Baosteel Corporation (China), Oli and Natural Gas Corporation (India) and PT SOHO Global Health (Indonesia).

  • Our global university collaborators undertaking funded research projects include the University of British Colombia, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, Stanford University, Yale University, City University of Hong Kong, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Pusan National University, Nanyang Technological University, and Imperial College of Science and Technology.

  • UNSW received more than $100M in international research funding from 2011 - 2015 for projects in areas of research strength including biomedical engineering, photovoltaics, quantum computing, new materials and social policy.

  • Each year UNSW researchers co-author over 1,500 journal articles and conference proceedings with collaborators from international universities, predominantly from our Faculties of Science, Engineering and Medicine. This represents 25% of our total publications.

Please see below for information on how the Research Strategy and Partnerships Office can assist UNSW researchers and partners in developing and fostering successful and productive international research partnerships.

International Networks

UNSW is recognised as one of the world’s top science and technology universities by its membership of the following international networks, enabling engagement with the best international research practice, current international research issues, and shared research initiatives:

  • GlobalTech - Global Alliance of Technological Universities. UNSW is the only Australian university in the alliance and the first new member admitted (in 2013) to the exclusive network since its inception in 2009, 


Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and Joint PhDs

Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between UNSW and selected partner universities are entered into as a formal mechanism to signal a genuine commitment to a mutually beneficial partnership that meets strict criteria with clear benefits to staff and students, and alignment with UNSW research strengths. Since 2010 UNSW has signed over 55 Research MOUs with International partners including China (25%), Europe (20%) and other parts of Asia. Find out more about:


International Seed Grants

UNSW offers a number of seed grants to foster international collaborative research partnerships:


UNSW International Research Roadshows

A range of International Research Roadshows are offered to enable UNSW researchers to travel to priority countries including China, Brazil and Indonesia, India and make new connections or strengthen existing relationships which will lead to collaborative research partnerships in the future.



The Torch Innovation Precinct at UNSW will bring together industry, SMEs, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers from Australia, China and beyond.

Learn more about Torch at UNSW


Contact us to learn more about international partnerships

To learn more about international partnerships contact:

Warwick Dawson
Director, Research Strategy and Partnerships
T: + 61 2 9385 7929

Julie Ward
International Research Manager
T: +9385 6643