International Research Support

RSO offers distinct support mechanisms and opportunities to UNSW researchers. This includes strategic support for international research grant opportunities, international research MOUs and UNSW international seed grants. In particular, the RSO works collaboratively with UNSW researchers to:

  • identify international research funding opportunities;
  • help researchers assess if an international funding opportunity is the right fit for their research; and
  • provide strategic review and feedback on applications.

Please find further details below and contact us on for queries or advice.

International Research Grants Strategic Support

Identifying International Funding opportunities

Contact RSO to discuss general international funding opportunities in the context of your research program.

SPIN Database: One resource to help you identify relevant funding opportunities is the SPIN Database. SPIN is a comprehensive database containing over 40,000 funding opportunities, both Australian and overseas. Contact RSO for our short guide on searching opportunities aligned to your research program and collaborating countries and setting up targeted email alerts.

Strategic advice to address international collaboration in research grants

The review process for international collaborative grants often includes evaluating the need, unique resources, synergistic benefits, and/or feasibility of the international collaboration. Contact RSO for our guide on addressing these points within your proposal.

International funding agencies

RSO has developed presentations and guides for preparing proposals to the below funding agencies. Contact RSO for a copy of these guides and/or to discuss strategic alignment of your research with these sponsors.

Strategic review and feedback of your application

RSO is available to provide a strategic review and feedback on your draft proposal. If you would like to take advantage of our services and enhance your application's competitiveness, please send your proposal draft to RSO.

Other resources and support

Research Grants and Contracts (RGC): Researchers must notify RGC of their intent to apply for grants using the short online form. RGC assist with compliance, budget, eligibility and grant submission. Further details are on the RGC international grants website and can be contacted via the

International Research MOUs

Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) between UNSW and selected partner universities are entered into as a formal mechanism to signal a genuine commitment to a mutually beneficial partnership, that brings clear benefits to a critical mass of the UNSW community, and shows clear alignment with UNSW’s strategic priorities and research strengths. Find out more about setting up International Research MOUs at UNSW here and contact RSO if you are interested in setting up a MOU and would like to discuss before starting the process.

International Seed Grants

UNSW offers a number of seed grants to foster international collaborative research partnerships between specific countries and/or institutions.


Future Seed Grants

No current opportunities.

Existing Seed Grant recipients

Reports: Reports will be required as outlined in your grant agreement. RSO will contact you with requests for progress/final reports at defined time points.

Extensions/Variations: Please contact RSO if you require an extension or variation.

Leveraging your seed funding: RSO can provide strategic advice on how to leverage from the international collaboration established in your seed grant to apply for competitive funding from international sponsors. Please contact RSO to arrange a discussion.

International Networks

UNSW is recognised as one of the world’s top science and technology universities by its membership within prestigious international networks. These networks, including the following, enable engagement with the best international research practice, current international research issues, and shared research initiatives:

  • Universitas 21: worldwide network of 27 leading international research-intensive universities. Find out about how to get involved via U21 Activities and Opportunities.
  • GlobalTech: UNSW is the only Australian university in the Global Alliance of Technological Universities.
  • Association of Pacific Rim Universities network (APRU): association of 44 leading research-intensive universities in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • PLuS Alliance: global partnership between UNSW, Arizona State University and King’s College London
  • International Universities Climate Alliance: The International Universities Climate Alliance (Climate Alliance) is a global collaboration of 48 universities across 21 countries to accelerate climate action through knowledge sharing of climate research. The Climate Alliance is a global platform for communicating evidence-based research on climate change science, impacts, adaptation and mitigation. Details on UNSW involvement can be found here.
International Research Delegations

UNSW welcomes many esteemed international delegations who visit our campus each year to explore or strengthen research partnership and collaboration opportunities with UNSW. Visits are coordinated by the Division of External Relations. Please click here to organise your visit.

Study Abroad Research Practicum

The Study Abroad Research Practicum program, managed by the Division of External Relations, is designed for students from both partner and non-partner institutions to undertake short term research visits at UNSW. Tuition fees are payable directly to UNSW. For more information visit the Study Abroad website.


Global impact and funding

Contact Us

For all international funding enquiries, please email:

RSO International Team (Dr Che O'May)