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Why Get Involved?

Early career researchers are the foundation of future research across the globe. Those starting their research careers today will go on to be the research leaders of tomorrow. That is why at UNSW, we support the Early Career Academic Network Executive Committee  (ECAN-EC), a leadership body [comprised of ECAs] that provides a platform for early career academics to network, learn and develop. I personally encourage all early career researchers and academics at UNSW to engage with this initiative, to contribute to UNSW life and to play an active role in our research community"

Professor Laura Poole-Warren, Pro Vice Chancellor (Research Training)


How to Join the ECA Network

The work of ECAN in influencing UNSW's direction is only possible with your input and collaboration.

To Join ECAN, please contact your Faculty Rep, or send us an email at You will be subscribed to the ECAN email list, and will be updated on upcoming events and opportunities.