Katana is a shared computational cluster located on campus at UNSW that has been designed to provide easy access to computational resources for groups working with non-sensitive data. It contains over 6,000 CPU cores, 8 GPU compute nodes (V100 and A100), and 6Pb of disk storage. Katana provides a flexible compute environment where users can run jobs that wouldn't be possible or practical on their desktop or laptop. For full details of the compute nodes including a full list see the compute node information section below.

Katana can provide a perfect training or development area before moving on to a more powerful system such as Australia's peak HPC system, Gadi, located at the National Computing Infrastructure (NCI) with the knowledge that has been gained. It can also be the perfect spot if you are uncertain if High Performance Computing is for you or with local support, node mix, long job runtimes and a wide range of software (with a special focus on the biosciences) it may be the perfect location for your research pipeline.


The full UNSW Katana Documentation can be found here


Account Application Process

Due to a technical fault we ask that you email restech.support@unsw.edu.au with any Katana requests while we look into the issue. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

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