Lunch & Learn

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2020 Lunch & Learn Calendar 

Date Topic Presenter Slides/Notes
11 Feb Python Tips & Tricks Lachlan Simpson Presentation notes
25 Feb GitHub Duncan Smith Slide pack (pdf)
10 Mar LabArchives David Jung Slide pack (pdf)
24 Mar Fourier Transform  Simon Yin Link to video
07 Apr REDCap  David Jung Link to video
06 May ERICA overview and demo  Jake Surman Slide pack (pdf) - Link to video
12 May Pawsey Nimbus Cloud  Simon Yin Presentation notes - Link to video
19 May Machine Learning with MATLAB  Bradley Horton (MathWorks) Slide pack (pdf) - Link to video
30 Jun Language Analysis and Trouble Shooting - A Python Quickstarter Lachlan Simpson Presentation notes - Link to video
07 Jul Snakemake - a Python-based workflow management tool Andreas Wilm (Microsoft) Slide pack (ppt) - Link to video
11 Aug Video and Audio Transcription Tools Jake Surman Slide pack (pdf) - Link to video
14 Oct Using GitHub and Singularity to run a bioinformatics workshop using Katana Xiaotao Jiang Link to video
20 Oct IQMOL - an easy way for students to run and process quantum chemistry calculations using Katana Junming Ho Link to video
03 Nov Parallel Computing with MATLAB Bradley Horton (MathWorks) Slide pack (pdf) - Link to video

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The Lunch & Learn series is designed to provide an overview of new and interesting topics related to research. Come meet other researchers from across UNSW in an informal atmosphere to collaborate, learn and upskill in everything research related!