Master of Philosophy

Graduate Research School

The minimum length of candidature is 1.5 years and the maximum length is 2 years.

  • Full-time enrolment in a Master of Philosophy program is on the basis of 35-40 hours per week, 48 weeks per year (candidates can take up to 4 weeks holiday)
  • Part-time enrolment in a Master of Philosophy program is on the basis of 15-20 hours per week, 48 weeks per year (candidates can take up to 4 weeks holiday)

The minimum requirement for admission to Master of Philosophy degree is:

  • an appropriate Bachelor degree in the relevant discipline from the University of New South Wales at a level specifiied by the HDC; or
  • a qualification from a tertiary institution at a level considered by the Higher Degree Committee (HDC) to be equivalent

In exceptional cases, an applicant who submits evidence of such other academic and professional qualifications as may be approved by the Higher Degree Committee may be permitted to enrol for the degree. If the Higher Degree Committee is not satisfied with the qualifications submitted by an applicant, the applicant may be required to undergo such assessment or carry out such work as the Higher Degree Committee may prescribe, before permitting enrolment.

These conditions are specified in the UNSW Admission to HDR Programs Procedure.

In addition to these academic requirements, the Head of School or Postgraduate Coordinator in the School, or the Associate Dean (Research or Research Training) or equivalent recommends the appointment of a primary or secondary supervisor, joint supervisor or a supervisory panel to the Dean of Graduate Research. This recommendation must be on the basis of appropriate space, resources and expertise being available to support the proposed research candidature. 

This information is specified in the UNSW HDR Supervision Procedure

Currently offered by Business, CoFA, Science, UNSW Canberra, FBE and some Schools in FASS and Medicine.

A Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree provides an opportunity for students to complete a component of coursework including research methodology relevant to the field of study and a research project of at least 66% of the degree. The degree is ideal for students to acquire basic research training.

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