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Call for Next Round of Seed Grants 2021 - OPEN NOW

MMFI Seed Grant 2021 - Leading the Growth of Australian Manufacturing into the Future

The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is a key element of the Australian Government’s Manufacturing Strategy. This strategy aims to help Australian manufacturers scale up, build resilience, create jobs and become more competitive, in order to be recognised as a sustainable manufacturing nation. UNSW Materials & Manufacturing Futures Institute’s (MMFI) next round of seed grants has been released and we are calling for proposals that will assist in supporting this Government initiative. To help maximise opportunities for Australian manufacturers, the goal is to develop innovative interdisciplinary research ideas with commercial outcomes and accelerate the development of promising new applications that drive towards real-world impact. MMFI will be looking to move these innovations into real-world scenarios and translate the outcomes into high quality products and solutions.

The successful proposals will be awarded seed funding to develop product prototypes or “proof-of-concept” research which deliver long-term transformational outcomes for the Australian economy, based on around national manufacturing priorities, including:

• Intelligent and Additive Manufacturing

• Medical Products

• Battery and Solar Panel Recycling

• Clean and Renewable Energy

• Information and Communications Technology

• Printing Electronics and Smart Sensor Technology

Applications will be open between the 19th of July and the 7th of August.

Please click here to download the guidelines and application form.

MMFI Seed Grant 2020 - Award Projects


Chief Investigator: A/Prof. John Stride, Chemistry

Partner Investigator: Dr Rakesh Joshi Materials Science & Engineering

2. Ultra-sensitive polymer hydrogel strain sensors for respiration monitoring of COVID-19 patients

Chief Investigator: Dr Jiangtao (Jason) Xu, Chemical Engineering / CAMD

Partner Investigator: Prof. Chun Wang, Mech & Manufacturing Engineering

3. Development of portable high-resolution 2D phased array ultrasonic transducers for evaluation of COVID-19 infection and recovery

Chief Investigator: A/Prof Danyang Wang, Materials Science and Engineering

Partner Investigator: Dr Jin Zhang, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

4.Development of novel and sustainable geopolymer materials for building elements

Chief Investigator: Dr Gloria Pignatta, Built Environment & Dr Riccardo Paolini Built Environment

Partner Investigator: Professor Charles Sorrell & Dr Pramod Koshy, School of Materials Science and Engineering

5. Solid Catalysts for Solar thermal Ammonia Synthesis – Exploring the Uncharted Territory of Ternary Oxides

Chief Investigator: Dr Jack Yang, Material Science and Engineering

Partner Investigator: Dr Jiangtao (Jason) Xu, Chemical Engineering

6. Navigation and Localisation based on IoT

Chief Investigator: Prof. Jinhong Yuan, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Partner Investigator: Dr Jack Yang, Materials Science and Engineering