Modifications to Approved Projects

UNSW ACEC Modification Process

In accordance with Clause 2.2.23 of the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes 8th Edition 2013), the ACEC can consider minor amendments to approved projects or activities. Such amendments, termed "Modifications" in Animal Ethics Online, can take the form of "Personnel" or "Application" modifications.

Modifications should be applied for using Animal Ethics Online

Application Modification

Changes to an approved application other than the addition or removal of personnel

Application modifications apply when the CI wishes to request changes to the original approved experimental procedures and/or animal numbers. The ACEC Executive will consider minor amendments to procedures and animal numbers, where the proposed change is not likely to cause harm to the animals, including pain and distress. All requests for minor amendments will be considered on an individual basis, but requests for major deviations from the original protocol are unlikely to be approved and the researcher will be asked to submit a new application.

Modifications should not deviate from the originally proposed aims, procedures or animal numbers. The increase in animal numbers should be no more than 10% of those originally approved; changes greater than 10% may be considered on a case by case basis. Justification must be provided for all modification requests in the appropriate section of the modification online form.

Modification requests are initially reviewed out of session by the spokesperson, the ACEC Executive, and the ACEC Chair. Recommendation for approval is then forwarded to the DVCR for final approval. The final decision of the Chair and Executive is ratified by the ACEC at the next scheduled meeting.

Personnel Modification

Addition or removal of personnel

Personnel modifications apply when the CI wishes to add new participant(s) to an approved project. As for application modifications, personnel modifications are reviewed out-of-session.

The personnel modification process may also be used to remove participants from an approved project. If the paricipant has been listed under B7 or F4, they will first need to be removed rom these sections via an application modification before complete removal via a personnel modification.

Extension Request

Requests for project extensions are discouraged by UNSW ACEC. A minor extension (via "Application Modification") for an approved project may considered on an individual basis and may only be granted for a short time (possibly up to 6 weeks) under the following circumstances: (1) to allow the researcher sufficient time to submit a new application to the next ACEC meeting for continuation of the project; or (2) in the situation where the researcher does not plan to submit a new application to continue the project, to allow the completion of an ongoing animal experiment where no additional animals will be recruited into the study.

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