Notifiable Low Risk Dealings suitable for Physical Containment Level 1

Containment Facilities Requirements

  • NLRD 1.1 (as classified by the Gene Technology Regulations 2001) must be conducted in a facility that is certified to at least PC1 level by the OGTR

Important Information:

  • NLRDs have a 5 year time limit and expire the day 5 years after the date of assessment by the GTRC
  • You need to apply for, and obtain, a new assessment of your dealing as a NLRD from the GTRC to undertake the dealing after the time limit has expired


NLRD 1.1:

  • Have a low level of of inherent risk but this can be easily reduced or managed
  • Must not involve intentional release of the GMO into the environment
  • Must be approved by the GTRC prior to commencement of work
  • Must be conducted in accordance with the OGTR's Guidelines for Transport, Storage and Disposal of GMOs

Examples of NLRD 1.1

  • Use of a genetically modified mouse where no selective advantage has been conferred as a result of the modification
  • Use of a replication defective viral vector derived from Human adenovirus or Adeno associated virus provided that the donor nucleic acid meets certain criteria (as defined in the List of NLRDs)

Application process