Open Access

Division of Research

Open access publishing makes research outputs freely available online to read, download and use.  This is in contrast to traditional publishing, which restricts access, permitting only readers with access to a subscription to read the publication.

Open Access policies

An increasing number of funding bodies, including the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) have adopted Open Access policies.  This ensures that publicly funded research is disseminated freely and to as wide an audience as possible.  In addition, many Australian universities have an institutional Open Access policy or guideline.

UNSW’s Open Access policy requires UNSW staff and HDR students to make research outputs openly available by depositing an appropriate version into the UNSW institutional repository (UNSWorks).  Peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers must be deposited within twelve months of publication. 

UNSW encourages making other research outputs such as non-traditional research outputs openly available via UNSWorks.  Authors can also choose to publish directly in an open access journal, and then also deposit into UNSWorks.

What are the benefits of making your work open access?

  • Making outputs openly available ensures that a wider audience can access and engage with your work, especially researchers who may not have full-text access via journal subscriptions.  This can deliver social benefits in ensuring equity of access.
  • Openly available research can have a positive effect on research impact, increasing visibility, downloads and citations of your work.
  • Making your work open access helps you meet the requirements of many funding bodies, such as the ARC and NHMRC.


UNSWorks is UNSW's institutional repository and aims to collect, preserve and showcase the research outputs of UNSW staff and students.  Research outputs deposited into UNSWorks are openly accessible, discoverable and reusable by researchers and the general public.  UNSW authors can upload research outputs to UNSWorks via the Research Outputs System (ROS).  When uploading to UNSWorks via ROS, it is important to deposit only copyright compliant versions of your work.

SHERPA/RoMEO provides information on publisher copyright and self-archiving policies.

For assistance regarding Open Access policies or depositing your research outputs into UNSWorks, please contact your Outreach Librarian.