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Jones MN; Palmer KR; Pathirana MM; Cecatti JG; Filho OBM; Marions L; Edlund M; Prager M; Pennell C; Dickinson JE; Sass N; Jozwiak M; Ten Eikelder M; Rengerink KO; Bloemenkamp KWM; Henry A; Løkkegaard ECL; Christensen IJ; Szychowski JM; Edwards RK; Beckmann M; Diguisto C; Le Gouge A; Perrotin F; Symonds I; O'Leary S; Rolnik DL; Mol BW; Li W, 2023, Balloon Catheters Versus Vaginal Prostaglandins for Labour Induction (CPI Collaborative): An Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials, ,

Gardner K; Henry A; Thou S; Davis G; Miller T, 2015, Re: Improving VBAC rates: The combined impact of two management strategies, ,

Welsh A; Clements S; Henry A; Bisits A, 2012, Elective birth at 37 weeks of gestation versus standard care for women with an uncomplicated twin pregnancy at term: The Twins Timing of Birth Randomised Trial, ,

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