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Carvill GL; Heavin SB; Yendle SC; O'Roak BJ; Cook J; Khan A; Dorschner MO; Weaver MA; Calvert S; Malone S; Wallace G; Stanley T; Bye AM; Bleasel A; Howell KB; Kivity S; Mackay MT; Rodriguez-Casero V; Webster R; Korczyn A; Zelnick N; Lerman-Sagie T; Lev D; Moller SR; Andrade DM; Freeman JL; Sadleir LG; Shendure J; Berkovic SF; Scheffer IE; Mefford HC, 2013, 'TARGETED RESEQUENCING IN EPILEPTIC ENCEPHALOPATHIES REVEALS MARKED GENETIC HETEROGENEITY AND NOVEL GENES', in EPILEPSIA, WILEY-BLACKWELL, Montreal, CANADA, Vol. 54, pp. 16 - 16, presented at 30th International Epilepsy Congress, Montreal, CANADA, 23 June 2013 - 27 June 2013,

Johnson AM; Boyle R; Connolly A; Lloyd O; Lawson J; Bye AME, 2012, 'Change in cognitive functioning after paediatric temporal lobectomy', in Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, Wiley, Brisbane, Australia, presented at International Child Neurology Congress, Brisbane, Australia

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