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Golder B; Steel A; Nehme M; Vines P, 2019, 'Legal Education Research As an Imperative', in Imperatives for Legal Education Research Then, Now and Tomorrow, Routledge, pp. 3 - 11,

Golder B, 2018, 'Human Rights Trouble? Judith Butler and the Performative Refusal of Human Rights', in Schippers B (ed.), , Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, pp. 25 - 45

Golder B; McLoughlin D, 2017, 'An introduction to the politics of legality in a neoliberal age', in The Politics of Legality in a Neoliberal Age, pp. 1 - 16

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Golder BJ; Michaelsen C, 2014, 'Political Criminals, Terrorists, and Extra-Criminal Regimes of Punishment', in Jenkins F; Nolan M; Rubenstein K (ed.), Allegiance and Identity in a Globalised World, Cambridge University Press, pp. 267 - 290,

Golder BJ, 2012, 'The Distribution of Death: Notes Towards a Biopolitical Theory of Criminal Law', in Stone M; Wall IR; Douzinas C (ed.), New Critical Legal Thinking: Law, Politics and the Political, Routledge, UK, pp. 91 - 111,

Golder BJ, 2012, 'Re-reading Foucault on Law, Power and Rights', in Re-reading Foucault: On Law, Power and Rights, Routledge

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Golder B; Williams G, 2008, 'What is "Terrorism"? Problems of Legal Definition', in Malleswari VB (ed.), , ICFAI Amicus Books, Hyderabad, pp. 1 - 37

Golder BJ, 2004, '"It forced me to open more than I could bear": HAD, Paedophilia, and the Discursive Limits of the Male Heterosexual Body', in Kenyon AT; Rush P (ed.), An Aesthetics of Law and Culture: Texts, Images, Screens, Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 53 - 72,

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