Associate Professor Bruce William Bradbury

My Expertise

Research interests include the measurement of living standards, child poverty, income support and labour market policies, consumer equivalence scales, and geographic dimensions of social policies.

Field of Research (FoR)


Dr Bruce Bradbury is an Associate Professor at the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC). During the first half of 2018, he is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the City University of New York.

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Dr Bruce Bradbury is an Associate Professor at the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC). During the first half of 2018, he is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the City University of New York.

Commentary  @Bruce_Bradbury

Recent Books and Papers

Bradbury, B, M Jäntti and L Lindahl (2017), Labour income, social transfers and child poverty Luxembourg Income Study Working Paper No. 707.

Bradbury, B (2017), Spatial inequality of Australian men's incomes, 1991 to 2011 Revised version of a paper presented at the 2016 Australian Labour Market Research Conference.

Bradbury, B, M. Corak, J. Waldfogel and E Washbrook (2015), Too many children left behind: The U.S. achievement gap in comparative perspective Russell Sage (Google Play: )

Though separated fathers are more likely to be on income support, this is not because they reduce their earnings once they have child support obligations. Bradbury and Zhu Separation and Income Support (PDF).

Four papers on housing wealth and retirement:
- Bradbury, Bruce (2010), Asset rich, but income poor: Australian housing wealth and retirement FaHCSIA Social Policy Research Paper No 41.
- Bradbury, Bruce and Bina Gubhaju (2010), Housing costs and living standards among the elderly FaHCSIA Occasional Paper No 31.
- Bradbury, Bruce (2010), The fourth retirement pillar in rich nations (PDF), and
- Yates, Judy and Bradbury, Bruce (2009), Home ownership as a (crumbling) fourth pillar of social insurance in Australia (LWS working paper) (PDF) (see below for published version).

Work on the Age Pension relativity (supporting evidence for the increase in the single age pension in 2009) Pensions for Single and Couples

Selected publications

Bradbury B. (2014), 'Pensions for Singles and Couples', Review of Income and Wealth, vol. 60, no. 3, pp. 480 - 498,

Bradbury B. (2014), 'Child costs', in Ben-Arieh A; Casas F; Frones I; Korbin JE (ed.), Handbook of child well-being, Springer, Dordrect, Heidelberg, New York, London, pp. 1483 - 1507,

Bradbury, Bruce (2013) ‘The fourth retirement pillar in rich nations’ in Janet C. Gornick and Markus Jantti (eds) Income inequality: Economic disparities and the middle class in affluent countries, Stanford University Press, Social Inequality Series.(Earlier version)

Bradbury, Bruce, Miles Corak, Jane Waldfogel and Elizabeth Washbrook (2012), ‘Inequality in early childhood outcomes’ in John Ermisch, Markus Jäntti and Timothy M. Smeeding (eds), From Parents to Children: The Intergenerational Transmission of Advantage New York, Russell Sage Foundation. (IZA discussion paper version)

Washbrook, Waldfogel, Bradbury, Corak and Ghanghro (2012), ‘The development of young children of immigrants in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United StatesChild Development 83(5):1591-1607.  (Slate article)

Yates, J. and Bradbury, B. (2010), 'Home ownership as a (crumbling) fourth pillar of social insurance in Australia', Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 25 (2), 193-211,

Bradbury, B. (2008), "Time and the cost of children" Review of Income and Wealth, 54(3), September See also this earlier version.

Saunders, P., and Bradbury, B. (2006), 'Monitoring trends in poverty and inequality: Data, methodology and measurement', The Economic Record 82 (258, September): 341-364.

Bradbury, B.and Norris, K., (2005), "Income and Separation" Journal of Sociology 41(4):425-446 (Abstract) (Earlier conference paper version).

Bradbury, B. (2004) "Targeting Social Assistance" in Fiscal Studies 25(3):305-324. (Abstract).

Bradbury, B. (2004), "Consumption and the Within-Household Income Distribution: Outcomes from an Australian 'Natural Experiment" CESifo Economic Studies Vol 50 3/2004.

Bradbury, B.; Jenkins, S.P. and Micklewright, J. (eds, 2001) The Dynamics of Child Poverty in Industrialised Countries CUP. (publication details)

Bradbury, B. and Jäntti, M. (2001) “Child Poverty Across the Industrialised World: Evidence from the Luxembourg Income Study” in Vleminckx, K., Smeeding, T.M. (eds.) Child Well-being, Child Poverty and Child Policy in Modern Nations, The Policy Press, Bristol.

SAS utility macros Documentation is in the header of each file. Of particular interest for HILDA users will be the macro which creates a long file from all HILDA waves and the ABSJack macro which does Jackknife replication using replicate weights (for either ABS or HILDA data). This folder also contains a number of SAS utility macros and some old Australian Tax/Transfer macros (see TATLIB.TXT for information).

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