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Li Y; Aghvami AH; Dong D, 2021, Path Planning for Cellular-Connected UAV: A DRL Solution with Quantum-Inspired Experience Replay

Ma H; Dong D; Ding SX; Chen C, 2020, Curriculum-based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Quantum Control

Li Y; Aghvami AH; Dong D, 2020, Intelligent Trajectory Planning in UAV-mounted Wireless Networks: A Quantum-Inspired Reinforcement Learning Perspective

Dong D; Shu C-C; Chen J; Xing X; Ma H; Guo Y; Rabitz H, 2020, Learning control of quantum systems using frequency-domain optimization algorithms

Wang Y; Yokoyama S; Dong D; Petersen IR; Huntington EH; Yonezawa H, 2019, Two-stage Estimation for Quantum Detector Tomography: Error Analysis, Numerical and Experimental Results

Huang C-J; Ma H; Yin Q; Tang J-F; Dong D; Chen C; Xiang G-Y; Li C-F; Guo G-C, 2019, Realization of a quantum autoencoder for lossless compression of quantum data

Wu K-D; Hou Z; Xiang G-Y; Li C-F; Guo G-C; Dong D; Nori F, 2019, Detecting Non-Markovianity via Quantified Coherence: Theory and Experiments

Wang Y; Dong D; Sone A; Petersen IR; Yonezawa H; Cappellaro P, 2018, Quantum Hamiltonian Identifiability via a Similarity Transformation Approach and Beyond

Chen C; Dong D; Li H-X; Chu J; Tarn T-J, 2018, Fidelity-based Probabilistic Q-learning for Control of Quantum Systems

Shu C-C; Yuan K-J; Dong D; Petersen IR; Bandrauk AD, 2018, Identifying Strong-Field Effects in Indirect Photofragmentation Reactions

Wang Y; Yin Q; Dong D; Qi B; Petersen IR; Hou Z; Yonezawa H; Xiang G-Y, 2017, Quantum gate identification: error analysis, numerical results and optical experiment

Yokoyama S; Pozza ND; Serikawa T; Kuntz KB; Wheatley TA; Dong D; Huntington EH; Yonezawa H, 2017, Characterization of entangling properties of quantum measurement via two-mode quantum detector tomography using coherent state probes

Shu C-C; Dong D; Petersen IR; Henriksen NE, 2017, Complete elimination of nonlinear light-matter interactions with broadband ultrafast laser pulses

Dong D; Xing X; Ma H; Chen C; Liu Z; Rabitz H, 2017, Learning-based Quantum Robust Control: Algorithm, Applications and Experiments

Hou Z; Zhong H-S; Tian Y; Dong D; Qi B; Li L; Wang Y; Nori F; Xiang G-Y; Li C-F; Guo G-C, 2016, Full reconstruction of a 14-qubit state within four hours

Qi B; Hou Z; Wang Y; Dong D; Zhong H-S; Li L; Xiang G-Y; Wiseman HM; Li C-F; Guo G-C, 2015, Recursively Adaptive Quantum State Tomography: Theory and Two-qubit Experiment

Gao Q; Dong D; Petersen IR; Rabitz H, 2015, Fault Tolerant Filtering and Fault Detection for Quantum Systems Driven By Fields in Single Photon States

Dong D; Mabrok MA; Petersen IR; Qi B; Chen C; Rabitz H, 2015, Sampling-based Learning Control for Quantum Systems with Uncertainties

Hou Z; Xiang G; Dong D; Li C-F; Guo G-C, 2015, Realization of mutually unbiased bases for a qubit with only one wave plate: Theory and experiment

Chen C; Dong D; Qi B; Petersen IR; Rabitz H, 2013, Quantum Ensemble Classification: A Sampling-based Learning Control Approach

Chen C; Dong D; Long R; Petersen IR; Rabitz HA, 2013, Sampling-based learning control of inhomogeneous quantum ensembles

Dong D; Petersen IR; Rabitz H, 2012, Sampled-data design for robust control of a single qubit

Dong D; Zhang C; Rabitz H; Pechen A; Tarn T-J, 2008, Incoherent Control of Locally Controllable Quantum Systems

Dong D; Chen C; Li H; Tarn T-J, 2008, Quantum reinforcement learning

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