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Herries AIR; Pickering R; Adams JW; Curnoe D; Warr G; Latham A; Shaw J, 2013, 'A multi-disciplinary perspective on the age of Australopithecus in southern Africa', in Reed KE; Fleagle JG; Leakey RE (ed.), Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology, edn. 9789400759183, Springer, Stony Brook, NY, pp. 21 - 40,

Curnoe D, 2010, 'Human variation: The major unifying theme of biological anthropology', in Teaching Human Variation: Issues, Trends and Challenges, pp. 1 - 14

Curnoe D, 2009, 'The Bed 3 mandible', in McNabb J; Sinclair AG M (ed.), The Cave of Hearths: Makapan Middle Pleistocene Research Project., edn. University of Southampton series in archaeology 1, Archaeopress, Oxford

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