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Chu D; Younis A; sean L; Phillips M, 2017, 'Recent Advances in Resistive Switching Nanocrystalline Thin Films Derived via Solution-Processed Techniques', in Yi J; Li S (ed.), Functional Materials and Electronics, Routledge,

Younis ADNAN; chu DEWEI; Li SEAN, 2016, 'Cerium Oxide Nanostructures and their Applications', in Functionalized Nanomaterials, pp. 53 - 68,

Chu D; Li S; Qi Z; Huang S; Younis A, 2016, 'Nanostructured Metal Oxides-Based Electrode in Supercapacitor Applications', in Stevic Z (ed.), Supercapacitor Design and Applications, InTech, pp. 67 - 88

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