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Hart M; Cooper N; Green D; Lipson M, 2021, 'The Synergistic Impacts of Urban Air Pollution Compounding Our Climate Emergency', in Urban Climate Science for Planning Healthy Cities, Springer, pp. 355 - 378,

Green D, 2019, 'Environment, Ecology and Country', in Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous Australia: Second Edition, Macquarie, pp. 22 - 35,

Green D; Sullivan M; Nolan K, 2017, 'Environmental Injustice in Resource - Rich Aboriginal Australia', in The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Justice, Routledge

Dean A; Green D; Nunn PD, 2016, 'Too much sail for a small craft?: Donor requirements, scale, and capacity discourses in Kiribati', in Island Geographies: Essays and conversations, pp. 54 - 77,

Green D; Dean A; Nunn P, 2016, 'Compound injustice: the impacts of climate finance on Kiribati.', in Island Geographies : Essays and Conversations, Taylor & Francis Ltd

Green D, 2016, 'Too little and too late: What to do about climate change in the torres strait?', in Anthropology and Climate Change: From Actions to Transformations, pp. 210 - 219

Green D, 2016, 'Is it too late to do something about climate change in the Torres Strait?', in Crate S; Nuttall M (ed.), Anthropology and Climate Change, Left Coast Press, US

Green D; Webb L, 2015, 'Climate Change, Health and Well-being in Indigenous Australia', in Butler C (ed.), Healthy People, Places and Planet, Canberra, pp. 365 - 378,

Green D, 2009, 'Opal Waters, Rising Seas: How Sociocultural Inequality Reduces Resilience to Climate Change among Indigenous Australians', in Crate SA; Nuttall M (ed.), Anthropology and Climate Change, edn. 1, Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA. USA, pp. 218 - 227

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