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Armson E, 2018, 'Assessing the Performance of Takeover Panels: A Comparative Study', in Comparative Takeover Regulation: Global and Asian Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, pp. 134 - 162,

Armson EJ; Varottil U, 2016, 'Mergers and Acquisitions', in Star S (ed.), Australia and India - A Comparative Overview of the Law and Legal Practice, Universal Law Publishing, India, pp. 99 - 120

Armson EJ, 2010, 'Judicial Review of Takeovers Panel Decisions', in Ramsay I (ed.), The Takeovers Panel and Takeovers Regulation in Australia, edn. Original, Melbourne University Press, Victoria, pp. 177 - 210

Armson E, 2008, 'The Australian Takeovers Panel and Judicial Review of its Decisions', in Reddy PLJ (ed.), Corporate Takeovers: Emerging Global Trends, Amicus Books, Icfai University Press, India, pp. 104 - 141

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