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McArthur IW; Bamford R, 2018, 'Emergent Visual Pedagogies: Complexity, Culture, and Collaboration', in McArthur I; Bamford R; Xu F; Miller B (ed.), Investigating the Visual as a Transformative Pedagogy in the Asia Region, edn. Transformative Pedagogies in the Visual Domain, Common Ground Publishing, Champaign, Illinois, USA, pp. 9 - 22,

McArthur I; Priestman M; Miller B, 2018, 'Collaborative mapping as a new urban design pedagogy', in McArthur I; Bamford R; Xu ; Miller B (ed.), Investigating the visual as a transformative pedagogy in the Asia Region, Common Ground Research Networks, Champaign, IL, pp. 121 - 150,

Williamson LB, 2018, 'Cultural Textiles: design, engagement and transformation', in McArthur I; Bamford R; Miller B; Xu F (ed.), Investigating the visual as a transformative pedagogy in the Asia Region, pp. 49 - 74,

Xu F, 2016, 'An Alternative Mode of "Beautiful Countryside" -The Dong Chorus Eco-Museum in Tong Guan Village “美丽乡村”的一种新模式 - 记侗族大歌生态博物馆项目设计', in Mo FJ; Chen FF (ed.), Multi-agent Design Research of Internet + Rural Construction Project 互联网+乡村营建项目多主体设计研究, Guangxi People’s Publishing House, Nanning, Guangxi province, China,

Xu F, 2016, 'Developing an Integral Approach for Chinese Design Education: A Spatio-Temporal Framework', in Siu MKW; Giovanni JC (ed.), Design Education for Fostering Creativity and Innovation in China, IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania (USA), pp. 49 - 77,

Xu F, 2016, 'The Art Practice of Australian Chinese Painters under the Perspective of Multi-culturalism 多元文化主义视角下华人画家的艺术实践', in Feng ZY; He YH; Chen QS (ed.), 澳洲排华政策的历史终结 The End of the History of the Anti-Chinese Policy in Australia: in Commemoration of the Victims of the Anti-Chinese Riots in the 19th Century, Hei Long Jiang People’s Publishing House, Haerbin, Hei Long Jiang Province, China, pp. 149 - 158,

Xu F; He YX; Khan I, 2016, 'Revealing the Layers of the Rocks: A Visual Reinterpretation for an Urban Historical Site', in Taina Brown and Alejandro Castellanos (ed.), Chiselled Horizons: a multi-cultural approach to visual literacy, Inter-­‐Disciplinary Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, Freeland, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, pp. 37 - 55,

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