Select Publications

Conference Papers

Vorobiof DA; Sitas F; Vorobiof G, 2001, 'Breast cancer incidence in South Africa', in Journal of Clinical Oncology

Sitas F, 1995, 'Geographical epidemiology of prostate cancer: Is there an association with infection?', in Cancer Surveys, pp. 79 - 89

Sitas F; Jewell D; Smallwood R; Millard PR; White SD; Newell D; Zwiers A; Meuwissen S; Forman D, 1989, 'Campylobacter pylori and serum pepsinogens: Searching for non-invasive markers of chronic atrophic gastritis and early gastric cancer', in Gastroduodenal pathology and Campylobacter pylori: proceedings of the first meeting of the European Campylobacter Pylori Study Group. ICS847, pp. 571 - 574

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