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McGhee J; Lilja A; Strong C; Bailey B; Thordarson P, 2020, Soap Versus Covid-19, SiggraphAsia 2020 - Electonric Theatre, Computer Animation Festival (CAF), Online only 2020, 13 December 2020 - 13 December 2020, medium: 3D computer animated short film, at:

mcghee J; bailey B; faux S; Thompson-butel A; Bou-Haidar P; Shiner C, 2017, Stroke: Occlusion and Flow, Blood Attract or Repel, SCIENCE GALLERY MELBOURNE, The University of Melbourne, 02 August 2017 - 23 September 2017, medium: 3D Interactive Virtual Reality Experience - Oculus Rift Head Mounted Display, at:

McGhee J; Bailey B, 2015, Topologies of Stroke, People Like Us, UNSW Galleries, Sydney, Burnie Regional Gallery (TAS), Plimsoll Gallery (TAS), Geelong Art Gallery (VIC), Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery (VIC), Riddoch Art Gallery (SA) , Nautilus Arts Centre (SA), Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (WA), Geraldton Regional Art Gallery (WA), Araluen Arts Centre (NT), CDU (Charles Darwin University) Art Collection and Art Gallery (NT), Dogwood Crossing, Miles (QLD), Caboolture Regional Art Gallery (QLD), Moree Plains Gallery (NSW), Orange Regional Gallery (NSW)., 14 September 2015 - 14 September 2019, medium: VR Experience, at:

McGhee J; Bailey B; Faux S; Thompson Butel A; Bou-Haidar P, 2014, Immersion - VR Experience on Oculus Rift DK2 Artefact, Body Image, UNSW Galleries, 06 September 2014 - 08 November 2014, at:

McGhee JB; Houston G, 2009, Animated 3-D digital screen-based sequence, The Art of Medicine’, British Institute of Radiology, London, UK, 16 March 2009 - 21 March 2009, at:

McGhee J; Houston G, 2008, Integrity: structure and surface, New Esthetic Dimensions in Computer Visualization Technology, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 06 November 2008 - 18 January 2009, medium: Wall mounted prints, at:

McGhee J; Houston G, 2007, Integrity: structure and surface, Siggraph 2007 Art Gallery: Global Eyes, Siggraph 2007: Art Gallary, San Diego Convention Centre, 05 August 2007 - 09 August 2007, medium: Two wall mounted works, at:

McGhee J; Andrews P, 2006, Cancer Cell, Hyper Design, Hyper Design - Shanghai Biennale International Student Exhibition, 05 September 2006 - 05 November 2006, medium: Animated 3-D digital screen-based sequence - Video

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