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Findlay JK; Dunning KR; Gilchrist RB; Hutt KJ; Russell DL; Walters KA, 2019, 'Follicle Selection in Mammalian Ovaries', in The Ovary, Elsevier, pp. 3 - 21,

Findlay J; Dunning K; Gilchrist R; Hutt K; Russell D; Walters K, 2018, 'Follicle selection in mammalian ovaries', in The Ovary, Academic Press, London, England, pp. 3 - 21,

Journal articles

Aflatounian A; Paris VR; Richani D; Edwards MC; Cochran BJ; Ledger WL; Gilchrist RB; Bertoldo MJ; Wu LE; Walters KA, 2022, 'Declining muscle NAD+ in a hyperandrogenism PCOS mouse model: Possible role in metabolic dysregulation', Molecular Metabolism, vol. 65, pp. 101583,

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Coyle CS; Prescott M; Handelsman DJ; Walters KA; Campbell RE, 2022, 'Chronic androgen excess in female mice does not impact luteinizing hormone pulse frequency or putative GABAergic inputs to GnRH neurons', Journal of Neuroendocrinology, vol. 34, pp. e13110,

Rodriguez Paris V; Wong XYD; Solon-Biet SM; Edwards MC; Aflatounian A; Gilchrist RB; Simpson SJ; Handelsman DJ; Kaakoush NO; Walters KA, 2022, 'The interplay between PCOS pathology and diet on gut microbiota in a mouse model', Gut Microbes, vol. 14,

XIONG T; PARIS VRODRIGUEZ; EDWARDS MC; COCHRAN BJ; RYE K-A; LEDGER WL; PADMANABHAN V; HANDELSMAN DJ; GILCHRIST RB; WALTERS KA, 2022, 'Androgen Actions in Adipose Tissue, But Not Skeletal Muscle, are Involved in the Development of Metabolic PCOS Features in a Mouse Model', Fertility & Reproduction, vol. 04, pp. 169 - 169,

RODRIGUEZ PARIS V; ALEXOPOULOS SJ; HU Y; SHAH DP; AFLATOUNIAN A; EDWARDS MC; BERTOLDO MJ; GILCHRIST RB; HOEHN KL; WALTERS KA, 2022, 'Mitochondrial Uncoupler BAM15 Ameliorates Associated Metabolic PCOS Traits in a Hyperandrogenic PCOS Mouse Model', Fertility & Reproduction, vol. 04, pp. 208 - 208,

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SUCQUART IE; NAGARKAR R; EDWARDS MC; PARIS VRODRIGUEZ; AFLATOUNIAN A; BERTOLDO MJ; CAMPBELL RE; BEGG DP; HANDELSMAN DJ; PADMANABHAN V; ANDERSON RA; GILCHRIST RB; WALTERS KA, 2022, 'Pharmacological Antagonism of the Kisspeptin-Neurokinin System Improved Adverse Metabolic Traits in a PCOS Mouse Model', Fertility & Reproduction, vol. 04, pp. 160 - 160,

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Coyle C; Ruddenklau A; Prescott M; Walters KA; Campbell RE, 2021, 'Chronic Excess of Non-Aromatizable Androgens From Puberty Does Not Drive a Neuroendocrine Phenotype Observed in Other Preclinical Rodent Models of PCOS', Journal of the Endocrine Society, vol. 5, pp. A533 - A534,

Paris VR; Alexopoulos SJ; Hu Y; Shah DP; Aflatounian A; Edwards MC; Bertoldo M; Kyle HL; Walters KA, 2021, 'Metabolic PCOS Features Are Ameliorated by Mitochondrial Uncoupler BAM15 in a PCOS Mouse Model', Journal of the Endocrine Society, vol. 5, pp. A769 - A770,

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