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Mao L, 2015, Updates from the National Gay Community Period Surveys, invited speaker by the STIs in Gay Men Action (STIGMA) Group, ACON, Sydney

Newman C; de Wit J; Persson AS; Holt M; Mao L; Slavin S; Kidd M, 2015, Why might some people with HIV feel concerned about using treatment as prevention?, AFAO,

Mao L, 2015, ART use or non-use by PLHIV in Australia, for the HIV Treatment Forum (National), invited speaker by HIV Foundation Queensland, Brisbane

Mao L, 2015, Research and projects/programs in Australia for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) MSM background: a report-back, invited report-back to the CALD Gay Men Working Group, ACON, Sydney

Newman C; Persson A; Holt M; Mao L; de Wit J; Treloar C, 2014, Using treatment to prevent HIV transmission… and HCV? Emerging perspectives from social research, Scientific Advisory Committee, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Australia

Newman C; de Wit J; Mao L; Kidd M, 2014, Engaging service users and providers with new priorities in HIV medicine, SiREN Symposium – Building the Foundations for Innovation, The Western Australian Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Virus Applied Research and Evaluation Network

Newman C; Mao L, 2013, ART treatment uptake project, NAPWA Treatment Officers Forum, Sydney

Newman C; Mao L, 2013, Barriers and incentives to cART uptake: prescriber and patient perspectives, Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Sydney.

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