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Li C; Bai L; Liu W; Yao L; Waller ST, 2022, Unsupervised Knowledge Adaptation for Passenger Demand Forecasting,

Li Y; Liu Z; Yao L; Monaghan JJM; McAlpine D, 2022, Disentangled and Side-aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Cross-dataset Subjective Tinnitus Diagnosis,

Li Y; Liu Z; Yao L; Lucas M; Monaghan JJM; Zhang Y, 2022, Side-aware Meta-Learning for Cross-Dataset Listener Diagnosis with Subjective Tinnitus,

Wang S; Cao Y; Chen X; Yao L; Wang X; Sheng QZ, 2021, Adversarial Robustness of Deep Reinforcement Learning based Dynamic Recommender Systems,

Chen X; Yao L; Wang X; Sun A; Zhang W; Sheng QZ, 2021, Generative Adversarial Reward Learning for Generalized Behavior Tendency Inference,

Bouguettaya A; Sheng QZ; Benatallah B; Neiat AG; Mistry S; Ghose A; Nepal S; Yao L, 2021, An Internet of Things Service Roadmap,

Li C; Bai L; Liu W; Yao L; Waller ST, 2020, Knowledge Adaption for Demand Prediction based on Multi-task Memory Neural Network,

Altulyan M; Yao L; Wang X; Huang C; Kanhere SS; Sheng QZ, 2020, Recommender Systems for the Internet of Things: A Survey,

Wang X; Yao L; Wang X; Nie F, 2020, NP-PROV: Neural Processes with Position-Relevant-Only Variances,

Liu Z; Li Y; Yao L; Wang X; Nie F, 2020, Agglomerative Neural Networks for Multi-view Clustering,

Tran DH; Sheng QZ; Zhang WE; Hamad SA; Zaib M; Tran NH; Yao L; Khoa NLD, 2020, Deep Conversational Recommender Systems: A New Frontier for Goal-Oriented Dialogue Systems,

Yuan F; Yao L; Benatallah B, 2019, DARec: Deep Domain Adaptation for Cross-Domain Recommendation via Transferring Rating Patterns,

Bai L; Yao L; Kanhere SS; Wang X; Sheng QZ, 2019, STG2Seq: Spatial-temporal Graph to Sequence Model for Multi-step Passenger Demand Forecasting,

Bai L; Yao L; Kanhere SS; Wang X; Yang Z, 2018, Automatic Device Classification from Network Traffic Streams of Internet of Things,

Tran NK; Sheng QZ; Babar MA; Yao L; Zhang WE; Dustdar S, 2018, Internet of Things Search Engine: Concepts, Classification, and Open Issues,

Huang C; Yao L; Wang X; Benatallah B; Zhang X, 2018, Software Expert Discovery via Knowledge Domain Embeddings in a Collaborative Network,

Zhang X; Yao L; Huang C; Kanhere SS; Zhang D; Zhang Y, 2018, Brain2Object: Printing Your Mind from Brain Signals with Spatial Correlation Embedding,

Gao C; He X; Gan D; Chen X; Feng F; Li Y; Chua T-S; Yao L; Song Y; Jin D, 2018, Learning to Recommend with Multiple Cascading Behaviors,

Yuan F; Yao L; Benatallah B, 2018, Adversarial Collaborative Auto-encoder for Top-N Recommendation,

Huang C; Yao L; Wang X; Benatallah B; Zhang S; Dong M, 2018, Expert Recommendation via Tensor Factorization with Regularizing Hierarchical Topical Relationships,

Wang X; Huang C; Yao L; Benatallah B; Dong M, 2018, A Survey on Expert Recommendation in Community Question Answering,

Dong M; Yao L; Wang X; Benatallah B; Zhang S, 2018, GrCAN: Gradient Boost Convolutional Autoencoder with Neural Decision Forest,

Dong M; Yao L; Wang X; Benatallah B; Huang C; Ning X, 2018, Opinion Fraud Detection via Neural Autoencoder Decision Forest,

Zhang X; Yao L; Zhang S; Kanhere SS; Sheng QZ; Liu Y, 2018, Internet of Things Meets Brain-Computer Interface: A Unified Deep Learning Framework for Enabling Human-Thing Cognitive Interactivity,

Zhang X; Yao L; Kanhere SS; Liu Y; Gu T; Chen K, 2017, MindID: Person Identification from Brain Waves through Attention-based Recurrent Neural Network,

Zhang X; Yao L; Sheng QZ; Kanhere SS; Gu T; Zhang D, 2017, Converting Your Thoughts to Texts: Enabling Brain Typing via Deep Feature Learning of EEG Signals,

Zhang X; Yao L; Zhang D; Wang X; Sheng QZ; Gu T, 2017, Multi-Person Brain Activity Recognition via Comprehensive EEG Signal Analysis,

Zhang X; Yao L; Huang C; Sheng QZ; Wang X, 2017, Intent Recognition in Smart Living Through Deep Recurrent Neural Networks,

Shemshadi A; Sheng QZ; Zhang WE; Sun A; Qin Y; Yao L, 2016, Searching for the Internet of Things on the Web: Where It Is and What It Looks Like,

Wang S; Nie F; Chang X; Li X; Sheng QZ; Yao L, 2016, Uncovering Locally Discriminative Structure for Feature Analysis,

Yao L; Sheng QZ; Ngu AHH; Li X; Benatallah B, 2015, Unveiling Contextual Similarity of Things via Mining Human-Thing Interactions in the Internet of Things,

Yao L; Sheng QZ; Benatallah B; Dustdar S; Wang X; Shemshadi A; Ngu AHH, 2015, Up in the Air: When Homes Meet the Web of Things,

Wang S; Nie F; Chang X; Yao L; Li X; Sheng QZ, 2015, Unsupervised Feature Analysis with Class Margin Optimization,

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