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Al-Mahasneh AJ; Anavatti S; Garratt M; Pratama M, 2018, 'Applications of General Regression Neural Networks in Dynamic Systems', in , pp. 133 - 154,

Santoso F; Garratt M; Anavatti S, 2018, 'Fuzzy Systems for Modelling and Control in Aerial Robotics', in Er MJ; Wang N; Zhichao L; Pratama M (ed.), Intelligent Marine Vehicles Theory and Applications, Nova Science Publisher, New York,

Biswas S; Anavatti S; Garratt M, 2017, 'Obstacle Avoidance for Multi-agent Path Planning Based on Vectorized Particle Swarm Optimization', in Leu G; Singh HK; Elsayed S (ed.), INTELLIGENT AND EVOLUTIONARY SYSTEMS, IES 2016, edn. Proceedings in Adaptation Learning and Optimization, © Springer International Publishing, Univ New S Wales, Canberra Campus, Australian Def Force Acad, Canberra, AUSTRALIA, pp. 61 - 74,

Francis SLX; anavatti S; garratt M, 2013, 'Model based path planning module', in Sen Gupta G; Bailey D; Demidenko S; Carnegie D (ed.), Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 81 - 90,

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