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Salter M, 2021, 'Finding a new narrative', in Trauma and Memory: The Science and the Silenced, Routledge, pp. 130 - 141,

Salter M; Hanson E, 2021, '“I Need You All to Understand How Pervasive This Issue Is”: User Efforts to Regulate Child Sexual Offending on Social Media', in The Emerald International Handbook of Technology-Facilitated Violence and Abuse, Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 729 - 748,

Wong T; Breckenridge J; Salter M; Lamb R; James M; Tzioumi D, 2020, 'Sibling sexual abuse: Responding to everyone involved. New South Wales case study: Clinicians’ experiences of providing services to families affected by sibling sexual abuse: An exploration of service engagement and best practice strategies.', in Improved Accountability The Role of Perpetrator Intervention Systems, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited (ANROWS), Sydney, pp. 171 - 187

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Salter M, 2018, 'Child sexual abuse', in DeKeseredy WS; Dragiewicz M (ed.), ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF CRITICAL CRIMINOLOGY, 2ND EDITION, ROUTLEDGE, pp. 316 - 333,

Salter M, 2018, 'Child sexual abuse', in Routledge Handbook of Critical Criminology: Second Edition, pp. 316 - 333,

Salter M, 2018, 'Publicising Privacy, Weaponising Publicity: The Dialectic of Online Abuse on Social Media', in Palgrave Studies in Communication for Social Change, Springer International Publishing, pp. 29 - 43,

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