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Salter M, 2019, 'Malignant trauma and the invisibility of ritual abuse', Attachment: New Directions in Psychotherapy and Relational Psychoanalysis, vol. 13, pp. 15 - 30,

Salter M, 2018, 'Child Sexual Abuse: Ethics and Evidence', Child Abuse Review, vol. 27, pp. 165 - 170,

Lee M; Crofts T; Salter M; Milivojevic S; McGovern A, 2013, ''Let’s Get Sexting’: Risk, Power, Sex and Criminalisation in the Moral Domain', The International Journal for Crime and Justice, vol. 2, pp. 35 - 49,

Breckenridge JM; Salter M; Shaw E, 2012, 'Use and Abuse:understanding the intersections of childhood ause, alcohol and drug use and mental health', Mental Health and Substance Use, vol. 5, pp. 314 - 327,

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