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Salter M; Christian J; Delanie W, 2021, Evaluation of PartnerSPEAK,

Salter M; Wong T, 2021, The impact of COVID-19 on the risk of online child sexual exploitation and the implications for child protection and policing

Salter M; Wong T; Breckenridge J; Scott S; Cooper S; Peleg N, 2021, Production and distribution of child sexual abuse materials by parental figures, Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra, ACT, 616

Chung D; Upton-Davis K; Cordier R; Campbell E; Wong T; Salter M; Austen S; O’Leary P; Breckenridge J; Vlais R; Green D; Pracilio A; Young A; Gore A; Watts L; Wilkes-Gillan S; Speyer R; Mahoney N; Anderson S; Bissett T, 2020, Improved accountability: The role of perpetrator intervention systems, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited (ANROWS), Sydney,

Salter M; Conroy E; Dragiewicz M; Burke J; Ussher J; Middleton W; Vilenica S; Martin Monzon B; Noack-Lundberg K, 2020, “A deep wound under my heart”: Constructions of complex trauma and implications for women’s wellbeing and safety from violence,

Salter M, 2012, Managing recidivism amongst high-risk violent men, 21,

Breckenridge JM; Hamer J; Salter M, 2011, Staying Home Leaving Violence Evaluation Strategy - Final Report, UNSW, Sydney, Staying Home Leaving Violence Evaluation Strategy - Final Report

Breckenridge JM, 2010, ‘Use and abuse’: Understanding the intersections of child abuse, drug use and mental health, UNSW, Sydney,

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