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Pontiroli D; Magnani G; Gaboardi M; Riccò M; Milanese C; Pramudita JC; Sharma N, 2017, 'Decorated and Modified Graphenes as Electrodes in Na and Li-Ion Batteries', in Carbon Nanostructures, edn. 9783319581323, pp. 153 - 162,

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Sharma N, 2014, 'In situ experimentation with batteries using neutron and synchrotron X-ray diffraction', in Ceramics for Environmental and Energy Applications II, pp. 165 - 179,

Journal articles

Jalalabadi T; Wu J; Moghtaderi B; Sharma N; Allen J, 2023, 'A new approach to turbostratic carbon production via thermal salt-assisted treatment of graphite', Fuel, 348,

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Guo H; Goonetilleke D; Sharma N; Ren W; Su Z; Rawal A; Zhao C, 2020, 'Two-Phase Electrochemical Proton Transport and Storage in α-MoO3 for Proton Batteries', Cell Reports Physical Science, 1,

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