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Tundo S; Mazzer M; Nasia L; Salviati G; Lazzarini L; Ferrari C; Passaseo A; Ekins-Daukes NJ; Barnham KWJ, 2018, 'Comparative cathodoluminescence and EBIC analysis of partially relaxed InGaAs/GaAs p-i-n structures', in Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials 2001, CRC Press, pp. 567 - 570,

Ekins-Daukes NJ, 2015, 'Quantum well solar cells', in Advances in Solar Energy: An Annual Review of Research and Development in Renewable Energy Technologies, pp. 45 - 73,

Ekins-Daukes NJ, 2014, 'III-V Solar Cells', in Solar Cell Materials: Developing Technologies, pp. 113 - 143,

NELSON J; EKINS-DAUKES NED, 2014, 'QUANTUM WELL SOLAR CELLS', in Series on Photoconversion of Solar Energy, IMPERIAL COLLEGE PRESS, pp. 453 - 489,

Barnham KWJ; Ballard IM; Browne BC; Bushnell DB; Connolly JP; Ekins-Daukes NJ; Fuhrer M; Ginige R; Hill G; Ioannides A; Johnson DC; Lynch MC; Mazzer M; Roberts JS; Rohr C; Tibbits NDT, 2010, 'Recent progress in quantum well solar cells', in Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics, pp. 187 - 210,

Barnham KWJ; Ballard I; Bessière A; Chatten AJ; Connolly JP; Ekins-Daukes NJ; Johnson DC; Lynch MC; Mazzer M; Tibbits TND; Hill G; Roberts JS; Malik MA, 2006, 'Quantum Well Solar Cells and Quantum Dot Concentrators', in Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Conversion, pp. 517 - 537,

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