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Kayali O, 2016, 'Sustainability of fibre composite concrete construction', in Khatib JM (ed.), SUSTAINABILITY OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, 2ND EDITION, edn. Woodhead Publishing Series in Civil and Structural Engineeri, ELSEVIER, CAMBRIDGE, pp. 539 - 566,

Kayali O; McLaren R; Ward C; Heeley P, 2014, 'Coal Combustion Products in Concrete Masonry and Related Products', in Coal Combustion Products Handbook Second Edition, pp. 251 - 264

Eijkman H; Kayali O; Yeomans SR, 2009, 'Achieving continuous quality improvement in engineering education: using Soft Systems Thinking to confront the politics of curriculum change', in Patel AS; Gray PJ (ed.), Engineering Education Quality Assurance-A Global Perspective, edn. First, Springer, New Jersey- USA, pp. 223 - 234

Kayali OA, 2004, 'Bond of Steel Concrete and the Effect of Galvanization', in Galvanized Steel Reinforcement in Concrete, Elsevier, England, pp. 229 - 270,

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