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McCarroll JA; Sharbeen G; Kavallaris M; Phillips PA, 2019, 'The use of star polymer nanoparticles for the delivery of siRNA to mouse orthotopic pancreatic tumor models', in RNA interference and cancer therapy : methods and protocols, United States, pp. 329 - 353,

Sharbeen G; McAlpine SR; Phillips P, 2015, 'HSP47: The New Heat Shock Protein Therapeutic Target', in Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 197 - 220,

Erlich RB; Kavallaris M; McCarroll J; Phillips P, 2013, 'Nanotechnology, tumour biomarkers and RNA interference for personalized medicine applications', in Shiddiky MJA; Wee EJH; Rauf S; Trau M (ed.), Microfluidics, Nanotechnology and Disease Biomarkers for Personalized Medicine Applications, Nova Science Publishers, pp. 167 - 187,

Saluja AK; Singh VP; Phillips P, 'Physiology of Experimental Pancreatitis', in The Pancreas, Blackwell Publishing Ltd., pp. 91 - 106,

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