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Joshi R; Hazard RH; Mahesh PKB; Mikkelsen L; Avelino F; Sarmiento C; Segarra A; Timbang T; Sinson F; Diango P; Riley I; Chowdhury H; Asuncion IL; Khanom G; Lopez AD, 2021, 'Improving cause of death certification in the Philippines: implementation of an electronic verbal autopsy decision support tool (SmartVA auto-analyse) to aid physician diagnoses of out-of-facility deaths', BMC Public Health, vol. 21,

Mabunda S; Angell B; Joshi R; Durbach A, 2021, 'Evaluation of the alignment of policies and practices for state-sponsored educational initiatives for sustainable health workforce solutions in selected Southern African countries: A protocol, multimethods study', BMJ Open, vol. 11,

Ragavan RS; Joshi R; Evans RG; Riddell MA; Thankappan KR; Chow CK; Oldenburg B; Mahal AS; Kalyanram K; Kartik K; Suresh O; Thomas N; Mini GK; Srikanth VK; Maulik PK; Alim M; Guggilla RK; Busingye D; Thrift AG, 2021, 'Additive association of knowledge and awareness on control of hypertension: a cross-sectional survey in rural India', Journal of hypertension, vol. 39, pp. 107 - 116,

Webster R; Usherwood T; Joshi R; Saini B; Armour C; Critchley S; Di Tanna GL; Galgey S; Hespe CM; Jan S; Karia A; Kaur B; Krass I; Laba TL; Li Q; Lo S; Peiris DP; Reid C; Rodgers A; Shiel L; Strathdee J; Zamora N; Patel A, 2021, 'An electronic decision support-based complex intervention to improve management of cardiovascular risk in primary health care: a cluster randomised trial (INTEGRATE)', Medical Journal of Australia,

Shanthosh J; Kapoor D; Josyula LK; Patel A; Gupta Y; Tandon N; Jan S; Teede HJ; Desai A; Joshi R; Praveen D, 2020, 'Lifestyle InterVention in Gestational diabetes (LIVING) in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka: Protocol for process evaluation of a randomised controlled trial', BMJ Open, vol. 10, pp. e037774 - e037774,

Faruqui N; Bernays S; Martiniuk A; Abimbola S; Arora R; Lowe J; Denburg A; Joshi R, 2020, 'Access to care for childhood cancers in India: perspectives of health care providers and the implications for universal health coverage', BMC Public Health, vol. 20,

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Mabunda SA; Angell B; Yakubu K; Durbach A; Joshi R, 2020, 'Reformulation and strengthening of return-of-service (ROS) schemes could change the narrative on global health workforce distribution and shortages in sub-Saharan Africa', Family medicine and community health, vol. 8,

Tirupakuzhi Vijayaraghavan BK; Jha V; Rajbhandari D; Myatra SN; John O; Ghosh A; Bassi A; Arfin S; Kunigari M; Joshi R; Donaldson L; Hammond N; Venkatesh B; Vijayaraghavan BKT; Jha V; Venkatesh B; Myatra SN; John O; Ghosh A; Bassi A; Joshi R; Hammond N; Nag SK; Husaini SHM; Kantro V; Singh A; Mathew A, 2020, 'Hydroxychloroquine plus personal protective equipment versus standard personal protective equipment alone for the prevention of COVID-19 infections among frontline healthcare workers: The HydrOxychloroquine Prophylaxis Evaluation(HOPE) trial: A structured summary of a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial', Trials, vol. 21, pp. 754,

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Ajisegiri W; Azeb T; Joshi R; Odusanya O; Peiris D; Abimbola S, 2020, 'Is decentralisation effective for prevention and control of NCDs in Nigeria?', Africa health,

Hazard RH; Buddhika MPK; Hart JD; Chowdhury HR; Firth S; Joshi R; Avelino F; Segarra A; Sarmiento DC; Azad AK; Ashrafi SAA; Bo KS; Kwa V; Lopez AD, 2020, 'Automated verbal autopsy: From research to routine use in civil registration and vital statistics systems', BMC Medicine, vol. 18,

Hart JD; Sorchik R; Bo KS; Chowdhury HR; Gamage S; Joshi R; Kwa V; Li H; Mahesh BPK; McLaughlin D; Mikkelsen L; Miki J; Napulan R; Rampatige R; Reeve M; Sarmiento C; War NS; Richards N; Riley ID; Lopez AD, 2020, 'Improving medical certification of cause of death: Effective strategies and approaches based on experiences from the Data for Health Initiative', BMC Medicine, vol. 18,

Gamage DG; Riddell MA; Joshi R; Thankappan KR; Chow CK; Oldenburg B; Evans RG; Mahal AS; Kalyanram K; Kartik K; Suresh O; Thomas N; Mini GK; Maulik PK; Srikanth VK; Arabshahi S; Varma RP; Guggilla RK; D’Esposito F; Sathish T; Alim M; Thrift AG, 2020, 'Effectiveness of a scalable group-based education and monitoring program, delivered by health workers, to improve control of hypertension in rural India: A cluster randomised controlled trial', PLoS Medicine, vol. 17, pp. e1002997,

Huang L; Yu J; Neal B; Liu Y; Yin X; Hao Z; Wu Y; Yan LL; Wu JHY; Joshi R; Shi J; Feng X; Zhang J; Zhang Y; Zhang R; Zhou B; Li Z; Sun J; Zhao Y; Yu Y; Pearson SA; Chen Z; Tian M, 2020, 'Feasibility and validity of using death surveillance data and SmartVA for fact and cause of death in clinical trials in rural China: A substudy of the China salt substitute and stroke study (SSaSS)', Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health,

Thrift AG; Ragavan RS; Riddell MA; Joshi R; Thankappan KR; Chow C; Oldenburg B; Mahal AS; Kalyanram K; Kartik K; Suresh O; Mini GK; Ismail J; Gamage DG; Hasan A; Srikanth VK; Thomas N; Maulik PK; Guggilla RK; Evans RG, 2020, 'Hypertension in rural India: The contribution of socioeconomic position', Journal of the American Heart Association, vol. 9, pp. e014486,

Faruqui N; Joshi R; Martiniuk A; Lowe J; Arora R; Anis H; Kalra M; Bakhshi S; Mishra A; Santa A; Sinha S; Siddaiahgari S; Seth R; Bernays S, 2019, 'A health care labyrinth: Perspectives of caregivers on the journey to accessing timely cancer diagnosis and treatment for children in India', BMC Public Health, vol. 19,

Heller DJ; Kumar A; Kishore SP; Horowitz CR; Joshi R; Vedanthan R, 2019, 'Assessment of Barriers and Facilitators to the Delivery of Care for Noncommunicable Diseases by Nonphysician Health Workers in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Qualitative Analysis', JAMA network open, vol. 2, pp. e1916545,

Webster R; Parker G; Heritier S; Joshi R; Yeates K; Lopez-Jaramillo P; Miranda JJ; Oldenburg B; Ovbiagele B; Owolabi M; Peiris D; Praveen D; Salam A; Schwalm JD; Thankappan KR; Thomas N; Tobe S; Vedanthan R, 2019, 'Strategic, Successful, and Sustained Synergy: The Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Hypertension Program', Global Heart, vol. 14, pp. 391 - 394,

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Bassi A; John O; Gallagher M; Kotwal S; Joshi R; Essue B; Jan S; Ramachandran R; Kher V; Knight J; Jha V, 2019, 'Methodological challenges to collecting clinical and economic outcome data: Lessons from the pilot dialysis outcomes India study', Nephrology, vol. 24, pp. 445 - 449,

Peiris D; Praveen D; Mogulluru K; Ameer MA; Raghu A; Li Q; Heritier S; MacMahon S; Prabhakaran D; Clifford GD; Joshi R; Maulik PK; Jan S; Tarassenko L; Patel A, 2019, 'Smarthealth India: A stepped-wedge, cluster randomised controlled trial of a community health worker managed mobile health intervention for people assessed at high cardiovascular disease risk in rural India', PLoS ONE, vol. 14,

Gupta Y; Kapoor D; Josyula LK; Praveen D; Naheed A; Desai AK; Pathmeswaran A; de Silva HA; Lombard CB; Shamsul Alam D; Prabhakaran D; Teede HJ; Billot L; Bhatla N; Joshi R; Zoungas S; Jan S; Patel A; Tandon N, 2019, 'A lifestyle intervention programme for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes mellitus among South Asian women with gestational diabetes mellitus [LIVING study]: protocol for a randomized trial', Diabetic Medicine, vol. 36, pp. 243 - 251,

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Abdel-All M; Thrift AG; Riddell M; Thankappan KRT; Mini GK; Chow CK; Maulik PK; Mahal A; Guggilla R; Kalyanram K; Kartik K; Suresh O; Evans RG; Oldenburg B; Thomas N; Joshi R, 2018, 'Evaluation of a training program of hypertension for accredited social health activists (ASHA) in rural India', BMC Health Services Research, vol. 18,

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