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Belmessous S, 2020, 'Boundaries of the International: Law and Empire.', AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW, vol. 125, pp. 195 - 196,

Belmessous S, 2020, 'Commemorating French Colonialism in Australia: On the Lapérouse Monument in Sydney', History Australia, vol. 17,

Belmessous S, 2020, 'Politics and Gender Bias in the Production of Historical Knowledge: Reassessing Muslim Loyalism during the Algerian War of Independence', Hespéris-Tamuda

Belmessous S, 2019, 'Emancipation within Empire: an Algerian Alternative during the Era of Decolonization', History Workshop Journal, vol. 88, pp. 153 - 179,

Belmessous S, 2018, 'Indigenous and European laws of nations in North America to 1763', Trajectories, vol. 29, pp. 2 - 5,

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Belmessous S, 2005, 'Assimilation and Racialism in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century French Colonial Policy', American Historical Review, vol. 110, pp. 322 - 349,

Belmessous S, 2004, 'Etre français en Nouvelle-France: Identité française et identité coloniale aux dix-septième et dix-huitième siècles (trans. Being French in New France: French and colonial identity in the 17th and 18th century)', French Historical Studies, vol. 27, pp. 507 - 540,

Belmessous S, 2000, 'La politique indigène de la France au Canada ou les limites du métissage en histoire coloniale', Bulletin du CENA - EHESS, pp. 91 - 103

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