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Barbaro J; Winata T; Gilbert M; Nair R; Khan F; Lucien A; Islam R; Masi A; Diaz AM; Dissanayake C; Karlov L; Descallar J; Eastwood J; Hasan I; Jalaludin B; Kohlhoff J; Liaw S-T; Lingam R; Ong N; Tam CWM; Woolfenden S; Eapen V, 2023, General practitioners’ perspectives regarding early developmental surveillance for autism within the Australian primary healthcare setting: A qualitative study,

Montgomery A; Masi A; Whitehouse A; Veenstra-VanderWeele J; Shuffrey L; Shen M; Karlov L; Uljarevic M; Alvares G; Woolfenden S; Silove N; Eapen V, 2022, Identification of Subgroups of Children in the Australian Autism Biobank using Latent Class Analysis,

Diaz AM; Tully L; Masi A; Lin P-I; Efron D; Woolfenden S; Eapen V, 2021, A Cross-sectional Examination of the Association Between Parental Distress and the Well-being of Children With Neurodevelopmental Disorders During the COVID-19 Pandemic,

Price AMH; Contreras-Suárez D; Zhu A; Schreurs N; Measey M-A; Woolfenden S; Burley J; Bryson H; Efron D; Rhodes A; Goldfeld S, 2021, The relationships between ongoing COVID-19 lockdown and the financial and mental health experiences of Australian families,

Woolfenden S; Galea C; Badland H; Smithers-Sheedy H; Williams K; Kavanagh A; Reddihough D; Goldfeld S; Lingam R; Badawi N; O'Connor M, 2019, The intersection of developmental vulnerability and socioeconomic disadvantage on access to health care for preschool aged children: evidence for the inverse-care law,

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