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Milstein T, 2021, Film Documentary: The Connected Life. Interviewee, along with Jane Goodall and others. Film to be released in late 2021. Directed by Elke Duerr.

Milstein T; Castro-Sotomayor J, 2021, Existence and Resistance: Ecocultural Identity as Reconfigurative in Our Times. Routledge Press Environment & Sustainability newsletter.

Milstein T, 2021, What’s Your Ecocultural Identity? ABC Radio National podcast: God Forbid.,

Milstein T, 2021, Ecocultural Identity. ABC Radio National podcast: Philosopher’s Zone,

Milstein T; Miller G, 2021, Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity. Podcast: Climactic.,

Milstein T; Carr J, 2021, Manatees, threats to biosystems, and the possibilities for systematic change. March 11, 2021. Community Access, Triple U FM, Shoalhaven Community Radio.

Milstein T; Carr J, 2021, A manatee with “TRUMP” scraped into its back was itself disturbing. But it reflects a deeper environmental problem. The Conversation.,

Milstein T; Newton R, 2021, Activators Series. Featured Activators, on ecocultural text, performance, and absence. Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and Chunky Move dance company podcast and basis of novel chapter.,

Milstein T; Castro-Sotomayor J, 2021, Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity. National Communication Association Environmental Communication Division Digest.,

Milstein T, 2021, Podcast Launch: Custodians of the Planet. Regenerative Futures Panel Discussion, including Professor of Sustainability Transformations Chris Riedy, UT Sydney; Kirsten Junor, Reverse Garbage; Sara Rickards, Future Giving. Recorded with live audience at Sydney’s Green Square Library, Aug. 19, 2019

Milstein T, 2020, The Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity. Podcast: Custodians of the Planet,

Yildiz D; Milstein T; Castro-Sotomayor J; Carr J, 2020, The Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity. Podcast: Custodians of the Planet.,

Milstein T; McLauchlan L, 2020, What is Ecocultural Identity?, Youtube, UNSW School of Humanities & Languages channel,

Milstein T; Knight B, 2020, What is an ecocultural identity and why it matters to you., UNSW Newsroom,

Milstein T; Yajman V; Hinchliffe J; Baxter E; Spencer M, 2020, Nancy Hillier Lecture | Climate Justice — new community activism. Podcast: Climactic.,

Milstein T; Yildiz D, 2019, “We feel like it’s all over, and it’s absolutely not all over", Podcast: Custodians of the Planet,

Milstein T, 2018, Icelandic ecocultural methodologies: Interviewing in hot pots and kitchens, gleaning environmental perceptions and practices, Storied Seas Journal,

Siebert M; Milstein T, 2017, Internatural wayfinding: Embodied ecocultural research through yogic postures in place, Storied Seas Journal,

Milstein T; Bridgeman L, 2016, Overcoming the human-nature binary. Video of featured scholar talk at Santa Fe Institute and Sonar profile, Sonar,

Milstein T, 2016, Is nature really the greatest show on Earth?, Center for Humans & Nature,

Milstein T, 2015, From SeaWorld to the wild, a nature-as-performer metaphor holds sway, International Environmental Communication Association/Taylor & Francis,

Milstein T, 2011, Film documentary: "Stories of Wolves: The Lobo Returns," on Mexican Gray Wolf recovery. Featured scholar/talking head. Directed by Elke Duerr.,

Milstein T, 2007, Learning in the field: Engaging students via experience and application, International Environmental Communication Association, Ecologue

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