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Böcking T; Upadhyayula S; Rapoport I; Capraro BR; Kirchhausen T, 2018, 'Reconstitution of clathrin coat disassembly for fluorescence microscopy and single-molecule analysis', in Methods in Molecular Biology, Humana Press, New York, NY, pp. 121 - 146,

Boecking T; Gooding JJ, 2007, 'Biomimetic Membranes for Biosensor Applications', in Martin DK (ed.), Nanobiotechnology for Biomimetic Membranes, edn. Original, Springer Publishing Company, USA, pp. 127 - 166

Journal articles

Mallery DL; Faysal KMR; Kleinpeter A; Wilson MSC; Vaysburd M; Fletcher AJ; Novikova M; Böcking T; Freed EO; Saiardi A; James LC, 2019, 'Cellular IP6 Levels Limit HIV Production while Viruses that Cannot Efficiently Package IP6 Are Attenuated for Infection and Replication', Cell Reports, vol. 29, pp. 3983 - 3996.e4,

James LC; Böcking T, 2019, 'Building Complexity: Making and Breaking Synthetic Subunits of the HIV Capsid', Cell Host and Microbe, vol. 26, pp. 151 - 153,

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Peng W; Shi J; Márquez CL; Lau D; Walsh J; Faysal KMR; Byeon CH; Byeon IJL; Aiken C; Böcking T, 2019, 'Functional analysis of the secondary HIV-1 capsid binding site in the host protein cyclophilin A', Retrovirology, vol. 16,

Janco M; Rynkiewicz MJ; Li L; Hook J; Eiffe E; Ghosh A; Böcking T; Lehman WJ; Hardeman EC; Gunning PW, 2019, 'Molecular integration of the anti-tropomyosin compound ATM-3507 into the coiled coil overlap region of the cancer-associated Tpm3.1', Scientific reports, vol. 9, pp. 11262,

Battle AR; Norton RS; Böcking T; Noji H; Kim KK; Nagayama K, 2019, 'Editorial: Special issue of Biophysical Reviews dedicated to the joint 10th Asian Biophysics Association Symposium and 42nd Australian Society for Biophysics Meeting, Melbourne, Australia, December 2–6, 2018', Biophysical Reviews, vol. 11, pp. 245 - 247,

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Zhao M; Nicovich PR; Janco M; Deng Q; Yang Z; Ma Y; Böcking T; Gaus K; Gooding JJ, 2018, 'Ultralow- and Low-Background Surfaces for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy of Multistep Biointerfaces for Single-Molecule Sensing', Langmuir, vol. 34, pp. 10012 - 10018,

Márquez CL; Lau D; Walsh J; Shah V; McGuinness C; Wong A; Aggarwal A; Parker MW; Jacques DA; Turville S; Böcking T, 2018, 'Kinetics of HIV-1 capsid uncoating revealed by single-molecule analysis', eLife, vol. 7,

Masedunskas A; Appaduray MA; Lucas CA; Cagigas ML; Heydecker M; Holliday M; Meiring JCM; Hook J; Kee A; White M; Thomas P; Zhang Y; Adelstein RS; Meckel T; Böcking T; Weigert R; Bryce NS; Gunning PW; Hardeman EC, 2018, 'Parallel assembly of actin and tropomyosin, but not myosin II, during de novo actin filament formation in live mice', Journal of Cell Science, vol. 131,

Janco M; Böcking T; He S; Coster ACF, 2018, 'Interactions of tropomyosin Tpm1.1 on a single actin filament: A method for extraction and processing of high resolution TIRF microscopy data', PLoS ONE, vol. 13, pp. e0208586,

Ramdzan YM; Trubetskov MM; Ormsby AR; Newcombe EA; Sui X; Tobin MJ; Bongiovanni MN; Gras SL; Dewson G; Miller JML; Finkbeiner S; Moily NS; Niclis J; Parish CL; Purcell AW; Baker MJ; Wilce JA; Waris S; Stojanovski D; Böcking T; Ang CS; Ascher DB; Reid GE; Hatters DM, 2017, 'Huntingtin Inclusions Trigger Cellular Quiescence, Deactivate Apoptosis, and Lead to Delayed Necrosis', Cell Reports, vol. 19, pp. 919 - 927,

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Bonello TT; Janco M; Hook J; Byun A; Appaduray M; Dedova I; Hitchcock-DeGregori S; Hardeman EC; Stehn JR; Böcking T; Gunning PW, 2016, 'A small molecule inhibitor of tropomyosin dissociates actin binding from tropomyosin-directed regulation of actin dynamics', Scientific Reports, vol. 6,

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