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Wiedmann T; Hall M, 2017, It would cost you 20 cents more per T-shirt to pay an Indian worker a living wage,

Wiedmann T; Crawford R; Yu M; Schinabeck J; Teh SH, 2017, The "forgotten" greenhouse gas emissions of our built environment will be a hard nut to crack, The Fifth Estate,

Schinabeck J; Wiedmann T; Lundie S, 2016, Assessing embodied carbon in the Australian built environment,

Schinabeck J; Wiedmann T, 2014, The long road to zero – embodied carbon in the built environment,

Schandl H; Wiedmann T, 2013, Our materials footprint may be smaller, but still oversize, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia,

Schandl H; Wiedmann T, 2013, Australia’s consumption of natural resources – a report card,

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