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Liu Z; Hao X; Ho-Baillie A; Green M, 2018, 'Epitaxial Growth of Ge on Si by Magnetron Sputtering', in Epitaxy

Hao X-J; Chen J; Li W; Liu F-Y; Yan C; Tadich A, 2017, 'Electronic Structure of Cu2ZnSn1-xGexS4 New Energy Materials Probed by Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy', in Materials in Environmental Engineering, pp. 329 - 338,

Journal articles

Fan P; Xie Z; Liang G; Ishaq M; Chen S; Zheng Z; Yan C; Huang J; Hao X; Zhang Y; Su Z, 2021, 'High-efficiency ultra-thin Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells by double-pressure sputtering with spark plasma sintered quaternary target', Journal of Energy Chemistry, vol. 61, pp. 186 - 194,

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He M; Zhang X; Huang J; Li J; Yan C; Kim J; Chen YS; Yang L; Cairney JM; Zhang Y; Chen S; Kim J; Green MA; Hao X, 2021, 'High Efficiency Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Solar Cells with Shallow LiZn Acceptor Defects Enabled by Solution-Based Li Post-Deposition Treatment', Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 11,

Li J; Huang J; Li K; Zeng Y; Zhang Y; Sun K; Yan C; Xue C; Chen C; Chen T; Green MA; Tang J; Hao X, 2021, 'Defect-Resolved Effective Majority Carrier Mobility in Highly Anisotropic Antimony Chalcogenide Thin-Film Solar Cells', Solar RRL, vol. 5,

Lee M; Choi E; Soufiani AM; Lim J; Kim M; Chen D; Green MA; Seidel J; Lim S; Kim J; Dai X; Lee‐Chin R; Zheng B; Hameiri Z; Park J; Hao X; Yun JS, 2021, 'Enhanced hole-carrier selectivity in wide bandgap halide perovskite PV devices for indoor IoT applications', Advanced Functional Materials, pp. 2008908 - 2008908,

Wang A; Chang NL; Sun K; Xue C; Egan RJ; Li J; Yan C; Huang J; Rong H; Ramsden C; Hao X, 2021, 'Analysis of manufacturing cost and market niches for Cu2ZnSnS4(CZTS) solar cells', Sustainable Energy and Fuels, vol. 5, pp. 1044 - 1058,

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Gang MG; Karade VC; Suryawanshi MP; Yoo H; He M; Hao X; Lee IJ; Lee BH; Shin SW; Kim JH, 2021, 'A Facile Process for Partial Ag Substitution in Kesterite Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4Solar Cells Enabling a Device Efficiency of over 12%', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 13, pp. 3959 - 3968,

He M; Yan C; Li J; Suryawanshi MP; Kim J; Green MA; Hao X, 2021, 'Kesterite Solar Cells: Insights into Current Strategies and Challenges', Advanced Science,

Lim J; Kim M; Park HH; Jung H; Lim S; Hao X; Choi E; Park S; Lee M; Liu Z; Green MA; Seo J; Park J; Yun JS, 2021, 'Kinetics of light-induced degradation in semi-transparent perovskite solar cells', Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. 219, pp. 110776 - 110776,

Sun K; Wang A; Su Z; Liu F; Hao X, 2021, 'Enhancing the performance of Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cell fabricated via successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method by optimizing the annealing process', Solar Energy, vol. 220, pp. 204 - 210,

He G; Yan C; Li J; Yuan X; Sun K; Huang J; Sun H; He M; Zhang Y; Stride JA; Green MA; Hao X, 2020, '11.6% Efficient Pure Sulfide Cu(In,Ga)S2 Solar Cell through a Cu-Deficient and KCN-Free Process', ACS Applied Energy Materials, vol. 3, pp. 11974 - 11980,

Li J; Huang Y; Huang J; Liang G; Zhang Y; Rey G; Guo F; Su Z; Zhu H; Cai L; Sun K; Sun Y; Liu F; Chen S; Hao X; Mai Y; Green MA, 2020, 'Defect Control for 12.5% Efficiency Cu2ZnSnSe4 Kesterite Thin-Film Solar Cells by Engineering of Local Chemical Environment', Advanced Materials, vol. 32,

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Teymouri A; Adabifiroozjaei E; Webster RF; Hagh SM; Hao X; Green MA; Pillai S, 2020, 'Evidence of Low-Temperature Joints in Silver Nanowire Based Transparent Conducting Layers for Solar Cells', ACS Applied Nano Materials, vol. 3, pp. 3205 - 3213,

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Chen Z; Sun K; Su Z; Liu F; Tang D; Xiao H; Shi L; Jiang L; Hao X; Lai Y, 2018, 'Solution-Processed Trigonal Cu2BaSnS4 Thin-Film Solar Cells', ACS Applied Energy Materials, vol. 1, pp. 3420 - 3427,

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