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Grazian C; Fan Y, 2019, A review of Approximate Bayesian Computation methods via density estimation: inference for simulator-models

Rodrigues T; Dortet-Bernadet J-L; Fan Y, 2017, Noncrossing simultaneous Bayesian quantile curve fitting

Rodrigues T; Dortet-Bernadet J-L; Fan Y, 2016, Pyramid quantile regression

Menendez P; Fan Y; Garthwaite PH; Sisson SA, 2012, Simultaneous adjustment of bias and coverage probabilities for confidence intervals

Peters GW; Nevat I; Sisson SA; Fan Y; Yuan J, 2010, Bayesian Symbol Detection in Wireless Relay Networks via Likelihood-Free Inference

Fan Y; Dortet-Bernadet J-L; Sisson SA, 2009, On Bayesian Curve Fitting Via Auxiliary Variables

Peters G; Sisson S; Fan Y, Likelihood-Free Bayesian Inference for -Stable Models,

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