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Lee PM; Foster R; McNulty A; McIver R; Patel P, 2021, 'Ask Dr Google: What STI do i have?', Sexually Transmitted Infections, vol. 97, pp. 420 - 422,

Chan C; Patel P; Johnson K; Vaughan M; Price K; McNulty A; Templeton D; Read P; Cunningham P; Grulich A; Bavinton B, 2021, 'Community-based peer-led HIV/sexually transmitted infection testing services in Sydney for gay and bisexual men captured an eighth of new HIV diagnoses in New South Wales, Australia', AIDS,

Patel PG; Keen P; McManus H; Duck T; Callander D; Selvey C; Power C; Gray RT; Knight V; Asselin J; Read P; Johnson K; Bavinton BR; Bowden VJ; Grulich AE; Guy R; Grulich A; Guy R; Prestage G; Zablotska I; Holden J; Cooper C; Price K; Holt M; de Wit J; Kaldor J; Kelleher A; Wilson D; Brotherton A; Cooper DA; Crooks L; Whittaker B; Madeddu D; Schmidt HM; Telfer B; Price K; Boyd M; Cooper C; McGill S; Pinto A; Nigro S; Gordon T; Feeney L; Cunningham P; Mao L; Gray J; O’Dwyer M; Clifton B, 2021, 'Increased targeted HIV testing and reduced undiagnosed HIV infections among gay and bisexual men', HIV Medicine, vol. 22, pp. 605 - 616,

Varma R; Bradley I; Patel P; McNulty A, 2021, 'Low Awareness of Mycoplasma genitalium in men who have sex with men (MSM) in Sydney, Australia.', Sex Transm Dis,

Traeger MW; Patel P; Guy R; Hellard ME; Stoové MA, 2021, 'Changes in HIV preexposure prophylaxis prescribing in Australian clinical services following COVID-19 restrictions', AIDS, vol. 35, pp. 155 - 157,

Chow EPF; Hocking JS; Ong JJ; Schmidt T; Buchanan A; Rodriguez E; Maddaford K; Patel P; Fairley CK, 2020, 'Changing the use of HIV preexposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with men during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Melbourne, Australia', Open Forum Infectious Diseases, vol. 7,

Bavinton BR; Grulich AE; Broady T; Keen P; Mao L; Patel P; Chan C; Prestage GP; Holt M, 2020, 'Increases in HIV Testing Frequency in Australian Gay and Bisexual Men are Concentrated Among PrEP Users: An Analysis of Australian Behavioural Surveillance Data, 2013–2018', AIDS and Behavior,

Patel P; Woodget J, 2018, 'Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3: A Kinase for All Pathways?', Current Topics in Developmental Biology,

Shi SY; Lu S-Y; Sivasubramaniyam T; Revelo XS; Cai EP; Luk CT; Schroer SA; Patel P; Kim RH; Bombardier E; Quadrilatero J; Tupling AR; Mak TW; Winer DA; Woo M, 2015, 'DJ-1 links muscle ROS production with metabolic reprogramming and systemic energy homeostasis in mice.', Nat Commun, vol. 6, pp. 7415,

Gaidhu MP; Anthony NM; Patel P; Hawke TJ; Ceddia RB, 2010, 'Dysregulation of lipolysis and lipid metabolism in visceral and subcutaneous adipocytes by high-fat diet: role of ATGL, HSL, and AMPK.', Am J Physiol Cell Physiol, vol. 298, pp. C961 - C971,

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