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Withall AL; Shafiee S, 2015, 'Alcohol and cognitive impairment: considerations with the older client', in Svanberg J; Withall A; Draper B; Touyz S (ed.), Alcohol and the Adult Brain, Psychology Press, Hove, East Sussex

Withall AL; Draper B; Johnco C, 2015, 'There's a tear in my beer: issues for the older patient with alcohol and substance abuse', in Haber P; Day C; Farrell M (ed.), Addiction Medicine: Principles and Practice, IP Communications, Melbourne, pp. 398 - 406

Koopmans RTCM; Thompson D; Withall A; Gresham M; Conn D; Chow T; Pasquier F; Lebert F; Bakker C; de Vugt M; Rosness T; Johannessen A; Yang Y-J; Rettenmaier D, 2013, 'Services for people with young onset dementia', in DeWaal H; Lyketsos C; Ames D; OBrien J (ed.), Designing and Delivering Dementia Services, edn. 1, WILEY-BLACKWELL, pp. 33 - 45,

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