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Journal articles

Heagney E; Rose J; Ardeshiri A; Kovac M, 2019, 'The economic value of tourism and recreation across a large protected area network', Land Use Policy

Ardeshiri A; Swait J; Heagney EC; Kovac M, 2019, 'Willingness-to-pay for Coastline Protection in New South Wales: Beach Preservation Management and Decision Making', Ocean and Coastal Management, vol. 178,

Ardeshiri A; Vij A, 2019, 'Lifestyles, residential location, and transport mode use: A hierarchical latent class choice model', Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice,

Ardeshiri A; Sampson S; Swait J, 2019, 'Seasonality effects on consumers' preferences over quality attributes of different beef products', Meat Science, vol. 157, pp. 107868 - 107868,

Ardeshiri A; Rose JM, 2018, 'How Australian consumers value intrinsic and extrinsic attributes of beef products', Food Quality and Preference, vol. 65, pp. 146 - 163,

Etminani-Ghasrodashti R; Paydar M; Ardeshiri A, 2018, 'Recreational cycling in a coastal city: Investigating lifestyle, attitudes and built environment in cycling behavior', Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 39, pp. 241 - 251,

Heagney EC; Rose JM; Ardeshiri A; Kovač M, 2018, 'Optimising recreation services from protected areas – Understanding the role of natural values, built infrastructure and contextual factors', Ecosystem Services, vol. 31, pp. 358 - 370,

Ardeshiri A; Willis K; Ardeshiri M, 2018, 'Exploring preference homogeneity and heterogeneity for proximity to urban public services', Cities, vol. 81, pp. 190 - 202,

Ardeshiri A; Vij A, 2017, 'A lifestyle-based model of household neighbourhood location and individual travel mode choice behaviour.',

Ardeshiri A; Ardeshiri M; Radfar M; Hamidian Shormasty O, 2016, 'The values and benefits of environmental elements on housing rents', Habitat International, vol. 55, pp. 67 - 78,

Hatton MacDonald D; Ardeshiri A; Rose JM; Russell BD; Connell SD, 2015, 'Valuing coastal water quality: Adelaide, South Australia metropolitan area', Marine Policy, vol. 52, pp. 116 - 124,

Ardeshiri A, 2012, 'Valuating Objective and Subjective Urban Environmental Characteristics: A Means towards a Better Urban Environmental Quality, Using Hedonic Price and Life Satisfaction Methods (Shiraz Case Study)', studia regionalia

Ardeshiri M; Ardeshiri A, 2011, 'The issue of sprawl vs compact city towards sustainability in developing countries', Built and Natural Environment Research Papers, vol. 4, pp. 20 - 33

Ardeshiri A; Willis K, 2010, 'Economic valuation a tool towards sustainable city: a literature on hedonic pricing method and choice experiments for people preferences and willingness to pay for public services',

Ghasri M; Ardeshiri A; Rashidi T, 'Perception towards Electric Vehicles and the Impact on Consumers' Preference', ,

Ardeshiri A; Ghasrodashti RE; Rashidi TH; Ardeshiri M; Willis K, 'Conservation or deterioration in heritage sites? Estimating willingness to pay for preservation', ,

Conference Papers

Ardeshiri A; Ardeshiri M, 2015, 'What Residents Want from Their Neighbourhoods: Inferring Willingness to Pay for Urban Services using Discrete Choice Experiment', in The Regional Studies Australian Conference, Melbourne, presented at RSA Australasian Conference 2015, Melbourne,

Ardeshiri M; Ardeshiri A, 2011, 'Sprawl or Compact City: The Role of Planners in Urbanization Processes in Developing Countries', in Conference on Built and Natural Environment Research Papers. The British University, Egypt


Ardeshiri A; Kutadinata R; Davy S; Elphick-Darling R; Rashidi TH, 2019, DIRDC Freight Data Requirements Study Stakeholder Consultation Final Report

Ardeshiri A; Rashidi T; Christensen I; Kasparian J; Leow D; Benson L; King J; Karl C; Kutadinata R; Davy S; Elphick-Darling R; Hine D; Irannezhad E; Hudson N; Ethell A; Dickson I; Branigan J, 2019, Freight data requirements study

Swait J; Ardeshiri A; Kassahun H; Sampson S; Cong K, 2018, Consumer insights on shop trading hours: project overview and findings, University of South Australia

Ardeshiri A; Sampson S; Cong K; Lambides M; Swait J, 2018, Pathways to market, University of South Australia

Swait J; Ardeshiri A; Kassahun H; Sampson S; Cong K; van Gorp K, 2018, CONSUMER INSIGHTS ON SHOP TRADING HOURS Project Overview & Findings

Swait J; Ardeshiri A; Cong K, 2017, The impact of Geo-Trademarks on Australian products: market share and pricing impacts (Extension)

Swait J; Ardeshiri A; Caire G; Cong K, 2017, New South Wales beach erosion control valuation study: project overview and findings, University of South Australia

Swait J; Ardeshiri A; Cong K, 2016, The impact of Geo-Trademarks on Australian products: market share and pricing impacts, University of South Australia

Theses / Dissertations

Ardeshiri A, 2014, Evaluating urban services using economic valuation techniques: towards better urban environmental quality and promotion of sustainable development

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