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Werner-Seidler A; Calear A; Christensen H, 2019, 'CBT Prevention Programs', in Handbook of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, Fourth Edition, Guilford Publications

Calear A; Werner-Seidler A; Tye M; Christensen H, 2018, 'School-based prevention and early intervention programs for depression', in Leschied AW; Saklofske DH; Flett GL (ed.), Handbook of School-Based Mental Health Promotion, Springer, pp. 279 - 297,

Moulds M; Hetherington K; Werner-Seidler A, 2014, 'The impact of rumination on positive autobiographical memories in depression.', in K. Kaniasty, K.A. Moore, S. Howard, & P. Buchwald (ed.), Stress and Anxiety: Applications to Social and Environmental Threats, Psychological Well-Being, Occupational Challenges, and Developmental Psychology., pp. 65 - 71

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