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Filippini G; Bugnot AB; Johnston EL; Ruszczyk J; Potts J; Scanes P; Ferguson A; Ostrowski M; Varkey D; Dafforn KA, 2019, 'Sediment bacterial communities associated with environmental factors in Intermittently Closed and Open Lakes and Lagoons (ICOLLs)', Science of the Total Environment, vol. 693,

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Mayer-Pinto M; Dafforn KA; Bugnot AB; Glasby TM; Johnston EL, 2018, 'Artificial structures alter kelp functioning across an urbanised estuary', Marine Environmental Research, vol. 139, pp. 136 - 143,

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Heery EC; Bishop MJ; Critchley LP; Bugnot AB; Airoldi L; Mayer-Pinto M; Sheehan EV; Coleman RA; Loke LHL; Johnston EL; Komyakova V; Morris RL; Strain EMA; Naylor LA; Dafforn KA, 2017, 'Identifying the consequences of ocean sprawl for sedimentary habitats', Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, vol. 492, pp. 31 - 48,

Mayer-Pinto M; Johnston EL; Bugnot AB; Glasby TM; Airoldi L; Mitchell A; Dafforn KA, 2017, 'Building ‘blue’: An eco-engineering framework for foreshore developments', Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 189, pp. 109 - 114,

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Bugnot AB; Coleman RA; Figueira WF; Marzinelli EM, 2016, 'Effects of the receiving assemblage and disturbance on the colonisation of an invasive species', Marine Biology, vol. 163,

Bugnot AB; Coleman RA; Figueira WF; Marzinelli EM, 2015, 'Community-level impacts of the invasive isopod Cirolana harfordi', Biological Invasions, vol. 17, pp. 1149 - 1161,

Bugnot AB; Coleman RA; Figueira WF; Marzinelli EM, 2014, 'Patterns of the non-indigenous isopod Cirolana harfordi in Sydney Harbour', PLoS ONE, vol. 9,

Bugnot AB; López Greco LS, 2009, 'Sperm production in the red claw crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus (Decapoda, Parastacidae)', Aquaculture, vol. 295, pp. 292 - 299,

Bugnot AB; López Greco LS, 2009, 'Structural alterations in the male reproductive system of the freshwater crayfish, Cherax quadricarinatus (Decapoda, Parastacidae)', Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, vol. 102, pp. 160 - 166,

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