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Cipponi A; Goode DL; Bedo J; McCabe MJ; Pajic M; Croucher DR; Rajal AG; Junankar SR; Saunders DN; Lobachevsky P; Papenfuss AT; Nessem D; Nobis M; Warren SC; Timpson P; Cowley M; Vargas AC; Qiu MR; Generali DG; Keerthikumar S; Nguyen U; Corcoran NM; Long GV; Blay J-Y; Thomas DM; McCabe M, 2020, 'MTOR signaling orchestrates stress-induced mutagenesis, facilitating adaptive evolution in cancer', Science

McCabe M; Gauthier M-E; Chan C-L; Thompson T; De Sousa S; Puttick C; Grady J; Gayevskiy V; Tao J; Ying K; Cipponi A; Deng N; Swarbrick A; Thomas M; kConFab ; Lord R; Johns A; Kohonen-Corish M; O'Toole S; Clark J; Mueller S; Gupta R; McCormack A; Dinger M; Cowley M, 2019, 'Development and validation of a targeted gene sequencing panel for application to disparate cancers', Scientific Reports

Fortuno C; Cipponi A; Ballinger ML; Tavtigian SV; Olivier M; Ruparel V; Haupt Y; Haupt S; Study ISK; Tucker K; Spurdle AB; Thomas DM; James PA, 2019, 'A quantitative model to predict pathogenicity of missense variants in the TP53 gene', Human Mutation, vol. 40, pp. 788 - 800,

Ballinger ML; Goode DL; Ray-Coquard I; James PA; Mitchell G; Niedermayr E; Puri A; Schiffman JD; Dite GS; Cipponi A; Maki RG; Brohl AS; Myklebost O; Stratford EW; Lorenz S; Ahn SM; Ahn JH; Kim JE; Shanley S; Beshay V; Randall RL; Judson I; Seddon B; Campbell IG; Young MA; Sarin R; Blay JY; O'Donoghue SI; Thomas DM, 2016, 'Monogenic and polygenic determinants of sarcoma risk: an international genetic study', The Lancet Oncology, vol. 17, pp. 1261 - 1271,

Cipponi A; Thomas DM, 2014, 'Stress-induced cellular adaptive strategies: Ancient evolutionarily conserved programs as new anticancer therapeutic targets', BioEssays, vol. 36, pp. 552 - 560,

Mitchell G; Ballinger ML; Wong S; Hewitt C; James P; Young MA; Cipponi A; Pang T; Goode DL; Dobrovic A; Thomas DM; Porceddu S; Gattas M; Neuhaus S; Suthers G; Tattersall M; Tucker K; Lewis C; Carey-Smith R, 2013, 'High Frequency of Germline TP53 Mutations in a Prospective Adult-Onset Sarcoma Cohort', PLoS ONE, vol. 8,

Cipponi A; Mercier M; Seremet T; Baurain JF; Theáte I; Van Den Oord J; Stas M; Boon T; Coulie PG; Van Baren N, 2012, 'Neogenesis of lymphoid structures and antibody responses occur in human melanoma metastases', Cancer Research, vol. 72, pp. 3997 - 4007,

Cipponi A; Wieers G; Van Baren N; Coulie PG, 2011, 'Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes: Apparently good for melanoma patients. but why?', Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, vol. 60, pp. 1153 - 1160,

Fontana R; Bregni M; Cipponi A; Raccosta L; Rainelli C; Maggioni D; Lunghi F; Ciceri F; Mukenge S; Doglioni C; Colau D; Coulie PG; Bordignon C; Traversari C; Russo V, 2009, 'Peripheral blood lymphocytes genetically modified to express the self/tumor antigen MAGE-A3 induce antitumor immune responses in cancer patients', Blood, vol. 113, pp. 1651 - 1660,

Russo V; Cipponi A; Raccosta L; Rainelli C; Fontana R; Maggioni D; Lunghi F; Mukenge S; Ciceri F; Bregni M; Bordignon C; Traversari C, 2007, 'Lymphocytes genetically modified to express tumor antigens target DCs in vivo and induce antitumor immunity', Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol. 117, pp. 3087 - 3096,

Russo V; Cipponi A; Fontana R; Maggioni D; Ciceri F; Lunghi F; Bregni M; Bordignon C; Traversari C, 2006, 'The in vivo targeting of tumor antigens to DCs by administration of transduced autologous lymphocytes results in robust and prolonged immunization: Pre-clinical validation and results of a pilot clinical studies of vaccination for metastatic melanoma', Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol. 24, pp. 2525 - 2525,

Valentinis B; Bianchi A; Zhou D; Cipponi A; Catalanotti F; Russo V; Traversari C, 2005, 'Direct effects of polymyxin B on human dendritic cells maturation: The role of IκB-α/NF-κB and ERK1/2 pathways and adhesion', Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 280, pp. 14264 - 14271,

Aiuti A; Turchetto L; Cota M; Cipponi A; Brambilla A; Arcelloni C; Paroni R; Vicenzi E; Bordignon C; Poli G, 1999, 'Human CD34+ cells express CXCR4 and its ligand stromal cell-derived factor-1. Implications for infection by T-cell tropic human immunodeficiency virus', Blood, vol. 94, pp. 62 - 73,

Aiuti A; Tavian M; Cipponi A; Ficara F; Zappone E; Hoxie J; Peault B; Bordignon C, 1999, 'Expression of CXCR4, the receptor for stromal cell-derived factor-1 on fetal and adult human lymphohematopoietic progenitors', European Journal of Immunology, vol. 29, pp. 1823 - 1831,<1823::AID-IMMU1823>3.0.CO;2-B

Arcelloni C; Aiuti A; Cipponi A; Paroni R, 1999, 'High-performance liquid chromatographic purification and capillary electrophoresis quantification of the chemokine stromal cell-derived factor-1', Journal of Chromatography B: Biomedical Sciences and Applications, vol. 729, pp. 369 - 374,

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